The Lady Edith Drayton Trust was established in 1950, under the will of Sir Henry Drayton in memory of his wife, Lady Edith Drayton. Under the will, the residue of the estate was to be settled in favour of a trust for the General Synod of the Church of England in Canada the terms of which were

‘…to constitute a Trust Fund in memory of my dearly beloved wife, Edith, and designated as ‘The Lady (Edith) Drayton Trust’, the income arising from such Trust Fund to be used and applied for the assistance of needy clergy where active or pensioners or their dependants requiring special help, but not for pension purposes; and also to assist the missionary efforts of the Diocese of Moosonee; the apportionment of the said income to be in the absolute discretion of the officers of the General Synod administering such trusts.”

Grants Available

Grants between $500 and $5,000 may be awarded for the assistance of needy clergy where active or pensioners, or their dependants for extraordinary health care costs. These costs may include prescribed therapies and devices for physical, mental, and dental health and hearing and vision.

Grants of up to $3,000 may be awarded to assist with moving expenses for those retiring and moving from ministry in remote locations.

Application Process

All grant applications are received and reviewed by the Grants Committee, a sub-committee of the Financial Management Committee of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. This process is completely confidential.

The Grants Committee awards funding for individual grants based upon the application and supporting documentation received. To ensure that an application is given the best possible evaluation, please fill in the attached form in its entirety and attach all required documents. Incomplete applications will be returned and may result in an application being deferred to the next meeting of the committee.

Deadlines for applications are March 15th and October 15th annually. Cheques for approved grants will be available by May 15th and December 15th.

Download the grant application package (PDF)