Chaplaincy On DART OP Hestia

I received the message at 0700 in the morning 14, Jan 2010.  The Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) was to be deployed to Port au Prince, Haiti and I was to be their Chaplain.  By 1900 I had packed my kit (which was, previously, carefully packed for winter exercises), said goodbye to my family and was aboard a bus to Trenton.  Just over 200 of us flew out first thing the next day to ground zero of the disaster zone.

Why the Silent Night Project? – Q & A with the Archdeacon

With the Silent Night Project in full swing many are asking some excellent questions.  What follows are excerpts from responses given by Archdeacon Fletcher to some questions posed to him and to Bishop Coffin by a  reporter from the Halifax, “Chronicle Herald”.

In the Lenten Wilderness

I looked out of the cockpit window of the C-17 and saw nothing but blue and brown. It was breathtaking. We were somewhere over Egypt, I was told, and beneath us was a vast expanse of mountains, desert, sea and sky. Blue and brown.

Outreach Project To Jamiyah Children’s Home Singapore

In the midst of the busy sea-training and transit by HMCS REGINA to Op ARTEMIS, the Ship’s Company had an opportunity to provide aid to a large group of excited orphans at the Jamiyah Children’s Home during our replenishment port visit in Singapore.

A Major Role

by the deployed captain-chaplains of TF 1-10 A system of differing roles and responsibilities is nothing new to Anglican’s within the church or the military; but sometimes the question is posed “just what does the chaplain who is a Major do?”  The Afghanistan Roto Task Force 1-10 (TF 1-10) chaplain team leader, Major the Reverend … Continued

Anglican Military Ordinariate Archdeacon Installed as Chaplain General

INSTALLATION OF CANADIAN FORCES ARCHDEACON BRIGADIER-GENERAL KARL McLEAN AS CHAPLAIN GENERAL The wind might have been blowing strongly and the rain may have been about to set in, but inside the Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of Notre Dame, in Ottawa on 12 September 2010 the crowd was warm and excited.  The new Chaplain General of the Canadian … Continued

Canadians join in Consecration of U.S. Bishop to the Forces

This was the Consecration of The Rt. Rev. James ‘Jay’ Magness , Suffragan Bishop for Federal Ministries of the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.  which took place at Washington National Cathedral, June 19, 2010.   As such, Bishop Magness will be the endorsing authority for all American Episcopalian military chaplains.    Chief Consecrator : The Most Rev. … Continued

My Role in the CFDS

My Role in the CFDS features military and civilian personnel and occupations throughout the Defence Team. Featured profiles use real-life stories to illustrate the dedication, excellence and professionalism of personnel and employees in their day-to-day jobs under the purview of the Canada First Defence Strategy (CFDS). As appeared in “The Maple Leaf”, 26 May 2010, … Continued

L’aumônerie militaire expose sa dynamique au clergé

Des membres du clergé de l’Église anglicane régionale apprennent le travail des aumôniers sur le terrain Par le Capt Jeff Noel « Ce fut une expérience enrichissante et qui m’a ouvert les yeux », affirme le révérend chanoine Brett Cane, recteur de l’Église anglicane de St. Aiden’s, à Winnipeg. « Je ne connaissais pas du tout le travail des aumôniers militaires ni … Continued

Clergy get “behind fence line” view of military chaplaincy

Members of Anglican Regional Clericus learn firsthand how CF chaplains operate By Capt Jeff Noel “It was a very worthwhile and eye-opening experience for me,” said Rev. Canon Dr. Brett Cane, the Rector of St. Aiden’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg. “I had no idea how military chaplains work or of the crucial roles played by … Continued