The Diocese of Jerusalem is one of three dioceses of the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East. The diocese is home to almost thirty parishes, 30 priests and more than 7,000 church members in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.  Healthcare and education ministries are active and growing with the provision of hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres and schools.  A diocesan Peace and Reconciliation department works to strengthen interfaith dialogue, and Kids4Peace educates the next generation about acceptance and respect of difference and diversity.  St. George the Martyr Cathedral, Jerusalem is well known for its ministry to pilgrims and visitors.  St. George’s College, situated in the grounds of the Anglican Cathedral provides year-round courses combining academic study, spirituality and travel.

The history of Anglicanism in Jerusalem goes back to 1841. Political developments in the region have long effected the organization and ministry of the diocese. Today, The Most Rev. Hosam Naoum, 15th Anglican and 5th Palestinian Bishop, emphasizes the critical role of Anglicans everywhere in ministries of peace and reconciliation. Bishop Naoum also serves as the Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem.

The diocese is affiliated with the following ecumenical and interfaith partners:

Much more information about the many people and ministries of the Diocese of Jerusalem can be found on their website.