Jerusalem Sunday on May 16, 2021 is an annual church observance to celebrate companionship in God’s mission with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in Jerusalem, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.  The Diocese is a historic and active member of the Christian, ecumenical and interfaith community of the Middle East.  It is home to several thousand Arab Anglicans in thirty parishes and situated in one of the world’s holiest destinations for Christian, Jewish and Muslim pilgrims.

The ministries of the Diocese of Jerusalem bring hope, skills, health; a peaceful future to those they serve.  Jerusalem Sunday is an opportunity for Anglicans in Canada to send a measure of financial support to the health care ministries of the Diocese.  Offerings to date have improved the diagnostic and program capacity of the Penman Medical Clinic, Zababdeh, West Bank; Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre, and Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza.

All donations to Jerusalem Sunday 2021 will support the emergency needs of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza.

Offerings can be sent by cheque to:

Claudia Alvarez
Global Relations
Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 3G2

Please make cheques payable to The Anglican Church of Canada and indicate Diocese of Jerusalem Medical Ministry. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $10.

Or use the online form below to donate electronically: