The membership of the Council of the North is made up of all the bishops that have dioceses/areas within the Council of the North and the General Synod Treasurer.

Bishops of the Council of the North

From West to East:

Diocese of Caledonia – Bishop William Anderson

Diocese of Yukon – Bishop Larry Robertson

Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior/Territory of the People – Bishop Barbara Andrews

Diocese of the Arctic – Bishop David Parsons

Diocese of the Arctic – Suffragan Bishop Darren McCartney (Vice-Chair)

Diocese of Athabasca – Bishop Fraser Lawton

Diocese of Saskatchewan – Bishop Michael Hawkins (Chair)

Diocese of Saskatchewan – Diocesan Indigenous Bishop, Adam Halkett

Diocese of Brandon – Bishop William Cliff

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh – Bishop Lydia Mamakwa

Diocese of Moosonee – Archbishop Colin Johnson

Diocese of Quebec – Bishop Dennis Drainville

Archdeaconry of Labrador – Bishop Geoffrey Peddle

General Synod

Treasurer – Hanna Goschy