Meeting Frequency (Triennial)

From 1893 until 1965 the General Synod normally met every three years (triennially) with only a few exceptions.  There was a six year gap between the 2nd (1896) and 3rd (1902) General Synods and a four year gap between the 6th (1911) and 7th (1915) caused by the outbreak of World War I.  There was a four year gap between the 11th (1927) and the 12th (1931) due to the financial pressures of the Depression and another 6 year gap between the 14th (1937) and 15th (1943) due to the outbreak of World War II.  In 1955 the name of the Church was officially changed from “Church of England in Canada” to “Anglican Church of Canada”.

Meeting Frequency (Biennial)

There was a four year gap between the 19th General Synod in 1955 and the 20th in 1959.  Between 1965 (22nd General Synod) and 1977 (28th) General Synod met every two years (biennially).

Meeting Frequency (Triennial)

In 1980 with its 22nd meeting, General Synod returned to a three year cycle.

Month of Meeting

Up until 1959 General Synod almost always met in the month of September or began to meet in August and concluded in September.  The only exception was the 1921 Synod which met entirely in the month of October.  The four Synods between 1962 and 1969 all met in August.  In 1971 General Synod met for the first and only time in the winter (25 January to 2 February).  Starting in 1973 General Synod began to meet regularly in May or June with only two exception — August in 1977 and July in 2001.  The 2001 Synod was the only one ever held in July and this was because General Synod met at the same time as the National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).  Anglicans picked the venue in 2001 (Waterloo, Ont.) and Lutherans picked the month (July).

Meeting No. Date Place
Church of England in Canada
1st 1893 September 13-20 Toronto, Ont.
2nd 1896 September 2-11 Winnipeg, Man.
3rd 1902 September 3-12 Montreal, Que.
4th 1905 September 6-15 Quebec City, Que.
5th 1908 September 23- October 2 Ottawa, Ont.
6th 1911 September 6-14 London, Ont.
7th 1915 September 15-27 Toronto, Ont.
8th 1918 September 15-21 Toronto, Ont.
9th 1921 October 5-15 Hamilton, Ont.
10th 1924 September 24 – October 2 London, Ont.
11th 1927 September 14-22 Kingston, Ont.
12th 1931 September 15-25 Toronto, Ont.
13th 1934 September 12-21 Montreal, Que.
14th 1937 August 30 – September 8 Halifax, N.S.
15th 1943 September 9-17 Toronto, Ont.
16th 1946 September 4-13 Winnipeg, Man.
17th 1949 September 7-15 Halifax, N.S.
18th 1952 September 4-12 London, Ont.
19th 1955 August 30 – September 8 Edmonton, Alb.
Anglican Church of Canada
20th 1959 September 1-8 Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Que.
21st 1962 August 22-30 Kingston, Ont.
22nd 1965 August 25- September 2 Vancouver, B.C.
23rd 1967 August 22-31 Ottawa, Ont.
24th 1969 August 18-26 Sudbury, Ont.
25th 1971 January 25- February 2 Niagara Falls, Ont.
26th 1973 May 3-11 Regina, Sask.
27th 1975 June 12-19 Quebec City, Que.
28th 1977 August 11-18 Calgary, Alb.
29th 1980 June 17-25 Peterborough, Ont.
30th 1983 June 4-12 Fredericton, N.B.
31st 1986 June 14-22 Winnipeg, Man.
32nd 1989 June 15-23 St. John’s, Nfld.
33rd 1992 June 18-26 Toronto, Ont.
34th 1995 June 1-9 Ottawa, Ont.
35th 1998 May 21-29 Montreal, Que.
36th 2001 July 4-11 Waterloo, Ont.
37th 2004 May 28- June 4 St. Catharines, Ont.
38th 2007 June 19-25 Winnipeg, Man.
39th 2010 June 3-11 Halifax, N.S
40th 2013 July 3-7 Ottawa, Ont.
41st 2016 July 7-12 Richmond Hill, Ont.
42nd 2019 July 10-16 Vancouver, B.C.


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Revised 8 November 2018