Provincial Map

 To date there have been 19 Metropolitans of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario.  The Province is the third oldest (of four) in the Anglican Church of Canada and was founded in 1912.  The Province of Ontario is now comprised of 7 dioceses:

  • Toronto (founded 1839)
  • Huron (founded 1857)
  • Ontario (founded 1861)
  • Moosonee (founded 1872, originally part of Province of Rupert’s Land, transferred to Province of Ontario in 1935)
  • Algoma (founded 1873)
  • Niagara (founded 1875)
  • Ottawa (founded 1896)

Metropolitans are elected by provincial synod and are accorded the title of Archbishop (of their diocese) and addressed as “The Most Reverend”.  Upon retirement, metropolitans in the Province of Ontario retain the title of “Archbishop” and form of address “Most Reverend”.

The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario has a web site which can be accessed for more information at

Metropolitical No. Dates as Metropolitan Name
1st 1912-1914 The Most Rev. Charles Hamilton (1834-1919) Archbishop of Ottawa
2nd 1915-1926 The Most Rev. George Thorneloe (1848-1935) Archbishop of Algoma
3rd 1926-1931 The Most Rev. David Williams (1859-1931) Archbishop of Huron
4th 1932-1932 The Most Rev. James Fielding Sweeny (1857-1940) Archbishop of Toronto
5th 1933-1939 The Most Rev. Charles Roper (1858-1940) Archbishop of Ottawa
6th 1940-1943 The Most Rev. John George Anderson (1866-1943) Archbishop of Moosonee
7th 1944-1948 The Most Rev. Charles Allen Seager (1872-1948) Archbishop of Huron
8th 1949-1952 The Most Rev. John Lyons (1878-1958) Archbishop of Ontario
9th 1952-1954 The Most Rev. Robert John Renison (1875-1957) Archbishop of Moosonee
10th 1955-1974 The Most Rev. William Lockridge Wright (1904-1990) Archbishop of Algoma
11th 1974-1979 The Most Rev. James Augustus Watton (1915-1995) Archbishop of Moosonee
12th 1979-1985 The Most Rev. Lewis Samuel Garnsworthy (1922-1990) Archbishop of Toronto
13th 1985-1991 The Most Rev. John Charles Bothwell Archbishop of Niagara
14th 1991-1993 The Most Rev. Edwin Keith Lackey (1930-1993) Archbishop of Ottawa
15th 1993-2000 The Most Rev. Percy Richard O’Driscoll Archbishop of Huron
16th 2000-2004 The Most Rev. Terence Edward Finlay Archbishop of Toronto
17th 2004-2009 The Most Rev. Caleb James Lawrence Archbishop of Moosonee
18th 2009-2018 The Most Rev. Colin Robert Johnson Archbishop of Toronto
19th 2018- The Most Rev. Anne Germond of Algoma