Sacred Circles are national gatherings of Indigenous Peoples from across the Anglican Church of Canada and beyond.

The first Sacred Circle, then called a Native Convocation, was held in Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask., from Sept. 28 to Oct. 5, 1988, with the theme “Sharing the Dream”. On June 22, 2002 the Diocese of Rupert’s Land held the first diocesan Sacred Circle with the theme “Towards Healing and Reconciliation.”

Anglican Video has recorded each of these Sacred Circles and released videos (some with study guides). Videos are available for viewing online (see links below) or can be ordered through video staff at General Synod (contact information is available here).

National Sacred Circles

1. Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask.
Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 1988
Theme: “Sharing the Dream”

2. Kenora, Ont.
Aug. 1 – 10, 1993
Theme: “Dancing the Dream”

  • Watch: “Dancing the Dream” (1993, 29 min.)
    Video includes the Apology to Native People offered by the Primate, Michael Peers

3. Lethbridge, Alta.
July 1 – 7, 1997
Theme: “Our Journey of Spiritual Renewal”

4. Port Elgin, Ont.
Aug. 18 – 25, 2000
Theme: “Walking a New Vision”

  •  Watch: “Walking a New Vision” (2001, 34 min.)
    The video chronicles the gathering and the journey of spiritual renewal that has developed in this community

5. Pinawa, Man.
Aug. 7 – 13, 2005
Theme: “Honoring Our Relations: Keeping the Spirit Alive”

  • Watch: “Honouring Our Relations : Keeping the Spirit Alive” (2006, 56 min.)
    The DVD includes additional features: Introduction, The Tractor Trek, In Harmony Concerts, The Ribbon of Hope, Walk The Diocese, How To Give). This video documents the historic gathering chronicling the unanimous call for a national Indigenous Bishop and the response from Primate Andrew Hutchison and the other bishops present.
  • Website for 2005 Sacred Circle

6. Port Elgin, Ont.
Aug.9 – 15, 2009
Theme: “The Mighty Wind of the Spirit: the New Beginning” This 2009 gathering was dedicated to beloved edler Glady Cook (1929-2009).

7. Pinawa, Man.
Aug. 5– 12, 2012
Theme: “Walking the Dream”

8. Port Elgin, Ont.
Aug. 16-22, 2015
Theme: “Lifted on the Wings of Faith: Heeding the Indigenous Call”

9. Prince George, B.C.
Aug. 7-10, 2018
Theme: “Making and Strengthening Disciples: Reborn in Water and Spirit”

10. Online (part 1 and part 2)
July 14-17 and Nov 12-13 2021
Theme: “Returning Home: Remembering the Lost”

Diocesan Sacred Circles

1. Diocesan Sacred Circle (Rupert’s Land) : St. Peter’s, Dynevor, Man.
22 June 2002
Theme: “Towards Healing and Reconciliation”
Anglican Video: “Gathering at the River : the First Sacred Circle in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land” (2002, VHS 30 min., no study guide)