Provincial MapTo date there have been 10 Metropolitans of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon.  The Province is the youngest (of four) in the Anglican Church of Canada and was founded in 1914 as the Province of British Columbia.  The Province of British Columbia and Yukon is now comprised of 6 dioceses:

  • British Columbia (founded 1859)
  • Caledonia (founded 1879)
  • New Westminster (founded 1879)
  • Yukon (founded as Selkirk in 1891 and name changed to Yukon in 1941, originally in Province of Rupert’s Land but transferred to Province of British Columbia in 1941)
  • Kootenay (founded 1899)
  • Cariboo (founded 1914, its parishes now administered by Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)

Metropolitans are elected by provincial synod and are accorded the title of Archbishop (of their diocese) and addressed as “The Most Reverend”.

Metropolitical No.Dates as MetropolitanName
1st1915-1924The Most Rev. Frederick Herbert Du Vernet (1860-1924)Archbishop of Caledonia
2nd1925-1940The Most Rev. Adam Urias De Pencier (1866-1949)
Archbishop of New Westminster
3rd1942-1951The Most Rev. Walter Robert Adams (1877-1957)
Archbishop of Kootenay
4th1952-1969The Most Rev. Harold Eustace Sexton (1888-1972)
Archbishop of British Columbia
5th1969-1971The Most Rev. Godfrey Philip Gower (1899-1992)
Archbishop of New Westminster
6th1971-1973The Most Rev. Ralph Stanley Dean (1913-1987)
Archbishop of Cariboo
(Acting Metropolitan)1973-1975The Most Rev. John Timothy Frame
Bishop of Yukon
7th1975-1980The Most Rev. (Thomas) David Somerville
Archbishop of New Westminster
8th1981-1993The Most Rev. Douglas Walter Hambidge
Archbishop of New Westminster
9th1994-2004The Most Rev. David Perry Crawley
Archbishop of Kootenay
10th2005-2009The Most Rev. Terrence Owen Buckle
Archbishop of Yukon
11th2009-The Most Rev. John E. Privett
Archbishop of Kootenay

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