To date there have been thirteen (13) Primates of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Primatial No. Dates of Primacy Name
1st 1893-1904 The Most Rev. Robert Machray (1831-1904)
Archbishop of Rupert’s Land
2nd 1904-1906 The Most Rev. William Bennett Bond (1815-1906)
Archbishop of Montreal
3rd 1907-1909 The Most Rev. Arthur Sweatman (1834-1909)
Archbishop of Toronto
4th 1909-1931 The Most Rev. Samuel Pritchard Matheson (1852-1942)
Archbishop of Rupert’s Land
5th 1931-1934 The Most Rev. Clarendon Lamb Worrell (1853-1934)
Archbishop of Nova Scotia
6th 1934-1947 The Most Rev. Derwyn Trevor Owen (1876-1947)
Archbishop of Toronto
7th 1947-1950 The Most Rev. George Frederick Kingston (1889-1950)
Archbishop of Nova Scotia
8th 1951-1958 The Most Rev. Walter Foster Barfoot (1893-1978)
Archbishop of Edmonton later of Rupert’s Land
9th 1959-1970 The Most Rev. Howard Hewlett Clark (1903-1983)
Archbishop of Edmonton, later of Rupert’s Land
10th 1971-1986 The Most Rev. Edward Walter Scott (1919-2004)** First Primate not to continue as a diocesan bishop in addition to responsibilities as Primate. Also first to be permanently based in Toronto at General Synod for the whole of his term as Primate.
11th 1986-2004 The Most Rev. Michael Geoffrey Peers
12th 2004-2007 The Most Rev. Andrew Sandford Hutchison
13th 2007- The Most Rev. Fred (Frederick) James Hiltz
For more information about the Office of the Primate and the current incumbent (the Most Rev. Fred J. Hiltz), visit the Primate’s Office website.

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