To date there have been fourteen (14) Primates of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Primatial No. Dates of Primacy Name
1st 1893-1904 The Most Rev. Robert Machray (1831-1904)
Archbishop of Rupert’s Land
2nd 1904-1906 The Most Rev. William Bennett Bond (1815-1906)
Archbishop of Montreal
3rd 1907-1909 The Most Rev. Arthur Sweatman (1834-1909)
Archbishop of Toronto
4th 1909-1931 The Most Rev. Samuel Pritchard Matheson (1852-1942)
Archbishop of Rupert’s Land
5th 1931-1934 The Most Rev. Clarendon Lamb Worrell (1853-1934)
Archbishop of Nova Scotia
6th 1934-1947 The Most Rev. Derwyn Trevor Owen (1876-1947)
Archbishop of Toronto
7th 1947-1950 The Most Rev. George Frederick Kingston (1889-1950)
Archbishop of Nova Scotia
8th 1951-1958 The Most Rev. Walter Foster Barfoot (1893-1978)
Archbishop of Edmonton later of Rupert’s Land
9th 1959-1970 The Most Rev. Howard Hewlett Clark (1903-1983)
Archbishop of Edmonton, later of Rupert’s Land
10th 1971-1986 The Most Rev. Edward Walter Scott (1919-2004)** First Primate not to continue as a diocesan bishop in addition to responsibilities as Primate. Also first to be permanently based in Toronto at General Synod for the whole of his term as Primate.
11th 1986-2004 The Most Rev. Michael Geoffrey Peers
12th 2004-2007 The Most Rev. Andrew Sandford Hutchison
13th 2007-2019 The Most Rev. Fred (Frederick) James Hiltz
14th 2019- The Most Rev. Linda Carol Nicholls
For more information about the Office of the Primate and the current incumbent (the Most Rev. Linda Nicholls), visit the Primate’s Office website.