St. Luke’s Hospital is the only charitable hospital in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, serving the people of Nablus and surrounding towns and villages with a full range of medical services.  This city of 350,000 is also home to a large Palestinian refugee camp. Travel restrictions and checkpoints make everyday life difficult for the people of Nablus and surrounding communities so ready access to comprehensive, quality healthcare at a local hospital is crucial. The services offered by this 119 year-old hospital are a lifeline for the 15,000 patients seen at its outpatient clinic each year. The Diocese of Jerusalem administers St. Luke’s Hospital.

Funding will be directed to provision of an open system incubator for neonatal care. The hospital needs to replace the old incubator that is not functioning at the level of demand. Given that the maternity section is one of St. Luke’s busiest, funding this project will ensure the hospital sustains a high quality of neonatal services.