The Primate introduces the Exploring the Anglican Covenant study guide

Exploring the Anglican Covenant is a study guide is designed to help people in parishes and dioceses dig more deeply into the wording, and the meaning behind the words of The Anglican Communion Covenant, and to discuss together what the implications of adoption might be. This study is an important part of a national consultation process. The aim is to collect the insights, affirmations and concerns arising from group discussions across the country, and in doing so, inform our church’s response for the wider Anglican Communion.

The materials are designed to support a three-session study of The Anglican Communion Covenant. To fully engage with the Covenant and with each other in discussion of its potential implications for our church, three sessions of 90 to 120 minutes each are recommended. If you do not have the option of threw sessions, you will find suggestions to adapt to a one- or two-session study at the end of the guide. Whichever you choose, we hope that the questions and ideas that follow will help you provide effective leadership to your group as it works with the Covenant and the accompanying materials found in this guide.

This study guide includes:

  • Exploring the Anglican Covenant—background documents prepared by the Anglican Communion Working Group to support this study;
  • tips for planners and facilitators
  • outlines for group study sessions
  • link to a short video clip from our Primate, the Most Rev. Fred Hiltz
  • a PowerPoint presentation on the background for the Covenant
  • the text of the Covenant
  • a letter from two of our Canadian members of the Anglican Consultative Council
  • a resource list
  • links to a summary of Frequently Asked Questions about the Covenant developed by the Anglican Communion Office