Worship Resources

Liturgical Texts Authorized
by the General Synod of the ACC

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Book of Common Prayer
The Book of Alternative Services
Make Preparation: Liturgy Planning Notes
For All the Saints
Occasional Celebrations
Supplementary Eucharistic Prayers, Services of the Word, and Night Prayer
Public Distribution of Holy Communion by Deacons and Lay People

Certain liturgies from the BAS and supplements have also been translated into French. To download these resources, please click here.

Le baptême / Holy Baptism
La sainte eucharistie / Holy Eucharist
Le mariage dans le cadre d’une eucharistie / Marriage with the Holy Eucharist
Les funérailles Première forme / Funeral Liturgy Form 1
Prières universelles / litanies
Le propre de l’année / the Proper of the Church Year
L’ordination d’un évêque ou une évêque / The ordination of a bishop
L’ordination des prêtres / The ordination of a priest
L’ordination des diacres / The ordination of a deacon
Le service de la Parole II / A Service of the Word (fromEucharistic Prayers, Services of the Word, and Night Prayer)

Liturgical Texts

Canadian Anglican Liturgical Texts available electronically

Seasonal Resources and Special Occasions

Resources for Study, Reflection and Prayer in the Vision of A New Agape

Please send any liturgical resources you might be interested in sharing to Eileen Scully at escully@national.anglican.ca

Trial Use Liturgical Texts with feedback forms

This is a project of the Faith, Worship and Ministry committee, in cooperation with volunteer writers across the Anglican Church of Canada.

Indigenous Resources, Worship resources for Healing and Reconciliation in Relationship with Indigenous Peoples

Resources from the Anglican Communion and Other Provinces of the Anglican Communion

  • A Prayer for the Anglican Communion: Gracious God, we give you thanks for the gift of this world-wide Anglican Communion of churches: for our sense of belonging to all the ages, for the gift of thoughtful prayer you have taught us, and for the task of reverent study to which you call us . We thank you for the love of worship you have stirred up in our hearts, and for the love of justice you have implanted in our wills. Be with us in times of trouble as in times of joy; give us thankful hearts when we stand together, and send your holy Wisdom into all our disagreements. In dispute, may be we gentle and loving; in unity, may we be humble; in poverty, give us hope; in wealth, make us responsible and generous. Inflame us with prophetic vision so our fellowship will be the likeness of your kingdom of righteousness, proclaimed for all by Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
  • Anglican Cycle of Prayer with Daily Scripture Reading guide
  • Church of England: Common Worship
  • Church of Ireland 2004 Common Prayer
  • Episcopal Church USA Office of Liturgy and Music
  • An Anglican Liturgical Library
    a helpful website that catalogues liturgical resources from around the Anglican Communion:
  • Anglican Liturgical Resources from Anglicans Online

Diocesan Resources

Full Communion Liturgical Resources

Guidelines for Common Worship for Lutherans and Anglicans in Canada
Guidelines for those preparing joint worship events for Lutherans and Anglicans in Canada, prepared by the Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission and approved by the ACC Council of General Synod and the ELCIC National Church Council.

Lutheran Resources

  • The Worship Website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada has a complete listing of Lutheran worship resources, texts and background information.
  • View Renewing Worship for new, trial use worship resources of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Ecumenical Resources

Multi-faith Worship Resources


Resources for Planning and Thinking about Liturgy

Thinking about Liturgy and Worship

Other Links

  • Anglican Worship Resources Society
    From their website: “For over 100 years, the Anglican Worship Resources Society (AWRS), which was formerly known as The Anglican Church Bible & Prayer Book Society, has helped congregations, missions, camps, Church Schools and other church groups across Canada obtain hymn books, prayer books, bibles, and many other resources which enhance worship. Yet we’re told that AWRS is one of the Church’s best kept secrets. To change that, this website has two goals:

    1. To inform those who would be in need of our help.
    2. To ask those who can to support our work.
  • Leadership Program for Musicians Serving Small Congregations – an Anglican-Lutheran-Presbyterian joint initiative.