Council convened for Bible study at 8:45 a.m.

The Planning and Agenda Team presented revised Orders of the Day.

Members participated in a workshop entitled Baptized into Mission , Ministry and Holy Orders Reconsidered by Prof. Ian Douglas of the Episcopal Divinity School.

Professor Douglas gave a lecture on mission and then assigned questions for table groups to discuss.

Table groups reported back on their discussions.

Council recessed at 12 p.m.


Council resumed at 2 p.m.

Committee reports

Eco-Justice Committee

Matthew Kett presented the committee report.

Mr. Kett presented a motion asking CoGS to name KAIROS as one of four equal recipients of the 10% of annual undesignated bequest funds received by General Synod. (The purpose of the motion was to compensate for cuts to KAIROS grants previously made by the church.) Moved by Matthew Kett and seconded by David Watts. Carried

The committee presented a multi-part motion on gambling that states that General Synod opposes any gambling activity and commits General Synod not to receive funds raised from “lotteries, casinos, electronic gambling machines, or any other activities of the gambling industry, to the extent that such funds can be identified.” The motion also calls on the government of Canada to review legal and illegal gambling in Canada .

Staff member Maylanne Maybee gave the background and history of the motion. Moved by Matthew Kett and seconded by David Watts.

Council members asked questions.


Other items were presented for information.


Linda Barry-Hollowell presented the report.

The report included a recommendation to change the regulatory canon dealing with the appointment of the director of pensions and authorizing the trustees to hire a director. This was presented for information.

A motion was presented to incorporate the administrative functions of the Pensions office. Ms Barry-Hollowell stressed that the motion did not affect the governance of the fund, but only the day-to-day functioning of the office.


A number of other motions were presented changing regulations in light of the incorporation of the Pensions Office. Carried

Council approved a number of other housekeeping changes.


Task Force on the Primacy

Chancellor Ron Stevenson gave the report. The task force proposes that three sections of the canon be amended.

The task force proposes a nine-year term renewable for three years.

The duties of the primate have been revised.

The process under which a primate resigns has been revised.

A motion by Bishop Ann Tottenham, seconded by Mr. Stevenson, was presented to approve these changes.

Mr. Stevenson said it is envisaged these changes would go to General Synod early and go into effect with the election of the next primate.

After some discussion, CoGS agreed to recommend the motion to General Synod.

Faith, Worship and Ministry resolutions on same-sex blessings

Revised motions on same-sex blessings were presented to the council by Bishop Fred Hiltz and Archdeacon Helena-Rose Houldcroft. Ms Houldcroft reminded council that they are being asked to decide whether these motions are appropriate to forward to General Synod. She moved the resolution, seconded by Bishop Hiltz.

There was some discussion of the motions; the presenters answered questions and some changes were accepted as friendly amendments.

The motion will be voted on tomorrow morning without continuation of the debate unless there are amendments.

Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (Partners)

Todd Russell and Andrew Wesley reflected.

Mr. Russell said that as a partner, he has been enriched by the diversity of the church and by the gifts and talents he has found at CoGS. However he said he has also felt risk in coming to these meetings, and that the proceedings have sometimes felt strange. He invited CoGS to consider different ways of conducting business and building community. “I am sometimes amazed at some of the bold steps that this church takes.”

Andrew Wesley thanked members for the opportunity to be a part of the group. He said he had learned from these meetings and he too urged members to consider other ways to conduct their business.

Council recessed at 5 p.m.