We envision a church growing

in membership, faith and service in God’s world

November 2006, Mississauga, Ont.

(Queen of Apostles)

Sunday, Nov. 12

Council members gathered for Eucharist at 7:30 and convened in plenary session at 9 a.m. to consider resolutions.

Council approved two motions, on the Council of the North’s policy on remuneration and policy on allowance and agreed that these policies be reviewed by General Synod.

Council considered a number of motions submitted by the prioritized operations group (POP):

  • Council approved operational guidelines submitted by the POP group.
  • Council approved a motion that the ABC bookstore be transformed from a storefront operation to a web and telephone-based operation.
  • Council approved a motion that Letting Down the Nets be reformatted to fall in line with recommendations contained in the Somers report.

Council considered motions from the Communications and Information Resources Committee.

  • Council approved the formation of an FMD/CIRC working group to monitor an ABC business plan.
  • Council approved a CIRC motion that General Synod planning budget for communications at its triennial meetings.

Council considered a number of motions from the Financial Management and Development Committee:

  • Council approved a motion that General Synod fund Letting Down the Nets for up to $200,000 until June 30, 2007, and that this be done by including anticipated revenue from undesignated legacies in the 2007 budget.
  • Council approved a motion authorizing Management Team to negotiate the surrender of a cash option on the 600 Jarvis St. site.
  • Council approved a motion directing the POP group to explore the implications of projected deficits for 2008 and 2009 and report back to the March 2007 meeting of CoGS.


Sonia Free of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and Dean Peter Wall reflected and reported on the partnership with the ELCIC executive council.

Dean Wall described the process whereby the Eastern Synod of ELCIC passed a motion favoring the local option for the blessing of same-sex unions. The synod was told by the national church that it might have exceeded its authority The matter will likely come to the church’s next national gathering in Winnipeg next summer. Dean Wall also described a new worship resource produced by the Lutheran church.

Sonia Free reflected on this meeting and of the issues that the council is dealing with. She commended the council for its ability to discuss difficult matters in an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

Council resumed its work on resolutions from the Financial Management and Development Committee.

  • A motion was presented to defer the motion to include proceeds from the Jarvis Street option in the 2007 budget until the March meeting and, in the meantime, requesting the primate to ask dioceses if they can increase their contributions to the General Synod 2007 budget by 5 per cent. The motion was defeated.
  • Council approved a motion that the proceeds from the sale of the option on the 600 Jarvis Street site be used to balance the 2007 budget.
  • Council deferred a motion that General Synod provide Letting Down the Nets with appropriate resources to continue its work for the next triennium as a sign that this work is an essential priority.
  • Council approved the 2007 budget as amended.

Council agreed to recommend the deletion of certain sections of the Declaration of Principles that are duplicated in the constitution.

Council heard a reflection from Gloria Moses, its partner from the Anglican Council of Indigenous People.

Council recessed for lunch at noon and reconvened at 1:15 p.m.

Denise Hambidge reflected on behalf of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund.

She noted the closeness between PWRDF and General Synod staff and mentioned the assistance of Anglican Video in the development of the AIDS photo/audio exhibit and of the Primate in promoting the fund. PWRDF is successful, she said because “people give when they know the need and what their gifts will do. … That is what the Primate’s fund offers.”

Council continued its work on resolutions.

Council considered several resolutions from the Faith Worship and Ministry Committee.

  • Council approved a motion requesting dioceses to do all they can to ensure that delegates to General Synod understand complex documents such as the St. Michael Report and the Windsor Report.
  • Council discussed three possible statements that could be put to General Synod around the conclusions of the St. Michael Report. Council also discussed possible procedural resolutions that can be put to General Synod. A lengthy discussion was held in committee of the whole.
  • CoGS voted to bring the following wording to General Synod: “That General Synod accept the conclusion of the Primate’s Theological Commission that the blessing of same-sex unions is a matter of doctrine but is not core doctrine in the sense of being credal.”
  • The question of procedure was referred to the Handbook Concerns Committee, to be brought back to the next meeting of CoGS in March.

Council approved a motion from the Anglican Council of Indigenous People to the effect that CoGS ask the government of Canada to support the draft UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Council approved a motion requesting that the summary of the report of the Windsor Report Response Group be posted to www.anglican.ca

Council approved a motion asking the Officers of General Synod and General Synod staff to ascertain the present and future needs for office space for national staff and to make recommendations at the March 2007 meeting of CoGS on the use of the present site or the advisability of moving to a new location.

Council adjourned at 2:50 p.m.