Total  $344,637—45 projects

Arrowhead Foundation (Ishaawin Family Resources)
Grace for the Wounded Workshop
The fund will provide travel subsidy for 8-10 people from northern First Nation community members to attend Grace for the Wounded Workshop in Thunder Bay, Ont.tario in the spring of 2005.  This one-day workshop is an introduction to a week seminar called Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training Seminar that is scheduled to take place in January 2006.  The workshops are designed to raise awareness of the scope of abuse and to educate regarding the prevalence and long-term damage. (Diocese of Algoma)

Battleford’s Healing Circle Inc.—North Battleford, Sask.
Family Support and Elders Counselling—To provide traditional counseling and support for individuals, families and groups who have gone through the ADR Process or those currently going through the ADR Process.

Brantford Native Housing
Our Children Cultural Recovery Program
The program is designed for children and youth living in the Brantford Native Housing homes. The program will have the following four components: drumming, dancing, regalia creation and traditional teachings.  Thus, providing opportunities for children and youth to learn traditional regalia making, drumming, dancing, singing and learning traditional teachings from local Elders and teachers. With the support of the grant, the program will instill skill, traditional and cultural knowledge, pride and self-worth in those children and youth fortunate enough to experience the year-long activities.

Canim Lake Band Elders’ Activity Centre
Connecting Youth with Elders
This project is designed to promote interaction between children/youth and Elders; thus, promoting cultural awareness and family development.  By strengthening family support systems children will learn the importance of family values, family connections and communication.  To carry out this project, it will be necessary for children/youth and Elders to travel, explore and learn their traditional territory together.  It will take much effort and time to regain the cultural identity of the people.  (APCI)

Church of the Good Shepherd—Taloyoak, NU
Taloyoak Healing Convention is a weeklong event for the people in the Kitikmeot Deanery.  The gathering will consist of healing services, bible studies, fellowship, workshops and a community feast.  The grant will supplement travel costs for those attending the gathering, especially those traveling long distance by skidoos.  (Diocese of the Arctic)

Comité Shatshitun—Shefferville, Que.
Mitshuap Shatshitun
is organizing activities to address issues that are affecting the members of the community; such as, drug, alcohol and gambling abuse and suicide.  The activities will include holistic healing awareness, traditional spiritual teachings and other types of therapy.

Diocese of Keewatin
Words of Self-Governance
—For over one hundred years, the constitution and canons of the diocese have been in English only.  This has put Aboriginal members of the diocese at a disadvantage.  They are governed by policies they cannot read or understand.  They have been prevented from taking their full place in the government of the diocese.  This application deals specifically with the language development portion of the project. The Diocese of Keewatin

Diocese of NS & PEI (Social Justice Committee)—Halifax, N.S.

Ecumenical Leadership Training Event
This 3-day event will offer the participants resources, skills and contextual understanding to support their leadership as they address the legacy of Residential Schools in their parishes, congregations and communities.

Eagle Lake First Nation—Eagle Lake, Ont.
Eagle Lake Residential School—Community Family Healing Program
The Eagle Lake First Nation and Lac Seul First Nations are organizing a residential school survivors and later generation gathering to be held on the shores beautiful and historic Eagle Lake.  The event will address the effects of residential school has had on individuals, families and communities.  It will address healing through presentations and sharing circles.  The gathering is expected to attract participants from across the country.

Ehattesaht Tribe—Zeballos, B.C.
Rekindling Family Unit—This project entails bringing families together for family events and activities on a monthly basis.  The participating families will travel together to the functions and participate as a unit.  Since the beginning of the project, the youth have thrived in the parental participation of the various activities taking place in the community.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Equay-Wuk (Women’s Group) Project
NAN Women’s Gathering—To Hear the Voices of Our Women

This will be the very first conference of women from the remote 49 Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN) communities.  The gathering will provide information, workshops and discussions on various topics such as: family violence, parenting, FAS/FAE, residential schools, self-government, leadership, youth, health and legal issues.  It will also provide an opportunity for Nishnawbe-Aski Nation women to have their input into the establishment of the proposed NAN Women’s Council. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Healing & Reconciliation Committee of the Diocese of Brandon
Healing, Reconciliation & New life Project—Year Three
Healing and reconciliation workshops for victims of residential school abuse will be held in a number of communities in the northern part of the diocese. This process is an effort by the Aboriginal people, including the clergy of the diocese to make healing and reconciliation meaningful for the Aboriginal communities. Colonial school system will be addressed in the way that is determined by the peoples and cultural values, traditions and history will be incorporated

Helping Spirit Lodge Society—Vancouver, B.C.

K’UK KA ELIN WIND SONG is a unique peer outreach concept for homeless and at-risk, street-entrench Aboriginal men and women, people, who for many seasons, do not or cannot use mainstream services and programs and have been lost to the system.  The goal of the project is to use a blend of outreach and peer support to gain the trust of street individuals by working with them on their turf, gain their trust and offer hope for a better life.

Hey’-Way’-Noqu’ Healing Circles for Addictions

Compassionate Healing, Resolution and Training Circle
This healing circle will bring Trauma Resolution to residential school survivors and their descendants.  This healing program will take participants through a compassionate healing resolution process which will allow for time, support and space for closure for a group who have taken the step to begin their own healing journey.  The second part of this program will also give time, space, and opportunity for second year trainees to complete their training program so they will become certified to continue this healing work.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

James Smith Women’s Group Inc.
Wichito Ohpikihawaso—the main focus of this project is on healing families and providing a safe environment for children to grow up in.  In order for parents to be able to nurture their children and provide for their needs, it is essential that they are whole and able to provide for their own needs.  As many of them are still dealing with their won childhood wounds, it is very difficult for them to provide for the needs of their children.  The Inner Child Retreats will address these issues.

James Smith Health Clinic
Wichito Ohpikihawaso (Helping Families)

The main focus of this project is on healing families and providing a safe environment for children to grow up in.  In order for parents to be able to nurture their children and provide for their needs, it is essential that they are whole and able to provide for their own needs.  Many of the parents in James Smith Health Clinic service area are still dealing with their own childhood wounds and it is very difficult for them to provide for the needs of their children.  The Inner Child Retreats will address these issues.  The support is for one workshop.  (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Jane Mattinas Health Centre
Spring/Summer Ceremony—the project will help to ensure the survival of the some the traditional practices of the people of Constance Lake First Nation and the surrounding area.  The grant will enable the community to hold cultural awareness events; such as, healing ceremonies/circles, storytelling events, Traditional teaching events, etc.

Ka-Ki-Naw-Na-Kak Healing Committee
Ka-Ki-Naw-Naw-Kak Cultural Healing Project
Bearskin Lake community volunteers built a retreat centre on the community’s traditional lands.  During the summer months, a camp coordinator with a staff of volunteers will run traditional land-based activities.  The purpose of these activities is to promote cultural and traditional teachings and practices.  Thus, giving the community members an opportunity to heal through reconnecting with the land.  The grant will help with food costs and transportation.

Kweyask Pimat’siwin Cultural Society

Healing Our Spirit Residential School Conference will bring people together from various First Nation communities in Alberta.  The purpose of the event is to promote healing through workshops, healing circles, sharing of stories, traditional ceremonies and entertainment.

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society
Healing the Helpers Project
The Kaska women in the area have been on the front lines dealing with the fall-out of the residential schools.  These women work and live in communities with extreme violence in every form.  They are often subjected to lateral violence from those they are helping.  Living in unhealthy communities these women are rarely acknowledged or have time to heal themselves. The project proposes to take 15 women on a 5-day retreat for healing.  The women will learn self-care, participate in traditional sharing circles, establish a buddy system and learn how to create and live a healthy lifestyle.  Traditional healers will be brought in to assist the women in their healing process.  (Diocese of Yukon)

Long Plain First Nation—Portage la Prairie, Man.
Honouring Our History Book
The Honouring Our History Book is a community initiated and community driven project.  The primary purpose of this project is to create greater awareness and understanding of the impacts of the residential school system.  It will establish the truth about the past, end denial and bring First Nation people’s experiences to historical accounts. It will provide a way to begin the healing, restoration and reconciliation process.  The grant will help to enable the community to gather and celebrate the successful completion of the project.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Marcel Colomb First Nation—Lynn Lake, Man.
Ending Violence: Corrections in the Balance
The goal of the project is to develop a training module: Ending Violence: Corrections in the Balance
The project will provide culturally appropriate education to Aboriginal members of Marcel Colomb about the impacts of violence and abuse which has been the common thread to breakdown in partnerships and family relationships. It will create an awareness most people do not understand why some Aboriginals cannot cope in society today.   (Diocese of Keewatin)

Metlakatla Band—Prince Rupert, B.C.
Preparing For the Futures Group
The project will provide healing opportunities to community members through a series of traditional and cultural workshop type activities.  Through these activities, the children and youth have an opportunity to ‘rediscover’ their traditional identity, values, roots and language.  Preparing For the Futures Group is made up of community Elders who are promoting healing through cultural and traditional teachings.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Mohawk Bible Translation Project—Lamejastale, Que.
The project will train fluent speakers of the Mohawk language in translation principles, provide the tools necessary to do quality translation, community and consultant checking, orthography and grammar checking.  The team will produce written and oral versions of the final product.

Moose Cree First Nation—Moose Factory, Ont.
Residential School Follow-up Conference
In 2001, a residential school conference was held in the community of Moose Factory, the location of two  former residential schools : Moose Factory Indian Residential School and Horden Hall Residential School.  A number of recommendations resulted from the conference and two of the recommendations are: to hold bi-annual gatherings and to establish a memorial to honour those who attended the schools.  The two-day gathering will address long term healing and the development plans of a memorial that will adequately commemorate the resiliency of the Mushkegowuk peoples.

Na-Me-Res (Native Men’s Residence)—Toronto, Ont.

Healing & Community Reconciliation at Tumivut: Healing Circles, Workshops & Ceremonies
The support will provide a series of Healing Circles for youth at Timivut delivered from a holistic Aboriginal perspective.  The program incorporates traditional teachings, hands-on workshops and participation in traditional ceremonies. The primary objective of the healing and reconciliation program is to compliment other programs delivered at the shelter.  By offering numerous interdependent opportunities, the project will be providing youth with a myriad of skills crucial to helping them get off the streets and staying off the streets, before they are caught up in a never-ending cycle of homelessness, alcohol and substance abuse, life-threatening and sexually-transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, poverty and crime.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Native Counselling Services of Alberta—Edmonton, Alta.
Healing Tears Program
The grant will provide travel assistance for clients attending sharing circles and/or receiving counseling through the Healing Tears Program.  The program blends both the Aboriginal traditional and western healing methods.  (Diocese of Athabasca)

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto
Reclaiming Our Voice: Aboriginal Youth Language Initiative
This 52-week initiative will run as part of the Nurturing the Inner Circle Cultural Program involving the community on a frontline, grassroots level.  The project will take the participants from the 18 member youth council, all of whom have been affected by the Residential School system in one way or another, through a year long learning experience to re-learn their indigenous language.  The Ojibway language will be offered since the majority of the members are of the Anishnawbe descent; while other linguistic needs will be considered in the future.

Nats’eju’ Dahk’e—Yellowknife, N.W.T.
The Sacred Circle Project is a community development project that offers women and their families an alternative method of healing that what currently exits in mental health agencies in Yellowknife.  The Sacred Circle Project is a result of two community organizations joining in partnership—Yellowknife Women’s Centre and the YWCA.

Nellie Fiddler Memorial Health Centre—Muskrat Dam, Ont.
Healing Journey
The people of Muskrat Dam are seeking healing from the negative impacts residential school system has had upon their lives.  They believe that this community initiative will provide a way to begin a holistic healing process.  They will begin with three community-based workshops: Forgiveness Journey, Anger Management Awareness and Rearing Loving Children.   In the past, the answers to healing has always been to send an individual out of the community to a westernized institution—hundreds of miles from home, isolated from his/her family and alienated from their culture and environment.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Neskonlith Indian Band—Chase, B.C.
Honoring the New Generation of Elders Gathering
For the past 28 years, the Elders have been working at the grassroots level to promote community capacity building and self-reliance. They held their first conference in the fall of 1997 entitled ‘Reclaiming Elder’s Role’ with the intent to encourage the reconnection to family and community by bringing back the Elder’s roles.

Nisga’a Valley Health—New Aiyanish, B.C.

Journey to Wellness
To conduct a training program for trainers as a way to bring a Journey to Wellness to all the communities within the Nisga’a Valley Health service area.  The training will focus on the principles of ecumenical reconciliation, solidarity and communion through the use of both traditional and western ways.  The purpose of this training is to help people move from trauma and loss to cultural, spiritual healing and restoration; and break the cycle of family violence, substance abuse, suicides, etc.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Nokee Kwe Occupational Skill Development—London, Ont.
Language, the Healing Portal—Nokee has responded to the need identified by Native communities, both on-reserve and off-reserve in the South-western Ontario to provide learning situations that preserve, protect and teach Native languages.  The languages chosen were Ojibwe (Anishnabe Culture) and Oneida (Iroquoian culture) as they representative of most of the Native population in the London area.  This initiative enhances oral and cultural preservation and supports those learners who have a desire to learn their Mother Tongue.

Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House—Pentiction, B.C.

Willow Bundle Healing Circle
Weekly healing/sharing circles will be held for women in residence and women in the community.  At each gathering, the women will prepare and share a meal together along with the facilitator for that week.  The facilitators will consist of an Elder, a community health professional, Penticton Band staff or Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House staff depending on the topics.  Topics for discussion will be chosen by women but will include; intergenerational impacts of residential schools on family systems, cycle of violence, self-esteem, traditional parenting, spirituality, etc. (Diocese of Kootenay)

One Arrow First Nation—Bellevuk, Sask.
One Arrow Community Wellness Project
Three community workshops will be held to bring awareness on:  the legacy of residential schools impacts—intergenerational issues, long term effects on individuals, families and community; types of abuses and identification of community resources for those abuses; traditional values and the importance of retaining the people’s first language.

Right Relationships Project—Parksville, Ont.

Nurturing Deep Understanding and Hope Four: A Gathering (Year Four, Part Seven, of A Pilgrimage Towards Right Relationships Project)
Working ecumenically and through established networks, a five-year education and action process was begun on Vancouver Island to right relationship between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal peoples.  These relationships are based on the principles of mutual recognition, respect, sharing, and responsibility.  Exploration will be done from a faith-perspective with spiritual and theological reflection.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

St. Francis Anglican Church—Halifax, N.S.
National Aboriginal Day Celebration 2004
This project is a daylong celebration of National Aboriginal Day in Odanak, Que., being organized by the St. Francis Church, the Anglican Abenaki congregation in Odanak.   This first time event will include a variety of activities, including: history of the Anglican Abenaki missionary who worked with his people in 1862 in this area, residential school legacy, drumming, dancing, basket making, and small group sharing.

St. Judes Anglican Church—Iqaluit, NU
Basic Training & Skills Development for Deacons as Front Line Workers—the primary focus of the training will be on anger management, communications, problem solving, and biblical counselling.  The training will include ways of working in a community where suicide attempts and /or suicides are a regular occurrence—providing counseling to the families and the suicidal individual. (Diocese of the Arctic)

St. Theresa Point First Nation Focus Group
Workshop Training and Personal Development for Survivors of Residential Schools and their Families Intergenerational Impacts
The two community events supported with this grant were: Faith Family Retreat—a 5-day event incorporating traditional teachings and ceremonies and Catholic faith, and St. Theresa Point Cultural Retreat also incorporates both traditional and bible teachings.  The main goal of these events was to enable the survivors and their families to attend and participate in various healing activities and workshops, such as healing/sharing circles, etc.

St. Theresa Point First Nation Healing Program
Cultural and Traditional Camp Retreat
The project will enable the former residential school students, their families and others who are impacted by the legacy of the residential school system the opportunity to begin or continue their healing process through the cultural and traditional teachings of the Grandfathers.  The camp will also provide cultural and traditional seasonal survival skills on the land.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Toronto Urban Native Ministry
The Forgotten People of the Residential School
The project is to hold a one-day learning gathering—the Toronto Aboriginal homeless and the interested clergy and lay people of the Diocese of Toronto.  The homeless involved will be the former residential school students.  The gathering will include storytelling by the Aboriginal homeless, a panel presentation and a number of workshops. This project is one of the ways the TUNM is attempting to create a right relationship, special ministry between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the diocese of Toronto. (Diocese of Toronto)

Tsuu T’ina Spirit Healing Lodge Society
Sobriety Campout 2005
The four-day spiritual campout will consist of information sessions on various topics of concern—healing and wellness, storytelling by Elders, traditional ceremonies—sweats, drumming, singing, recreation, AA meetings and social time for all the participants.   This is a healing gathering as well as a gathering of celebration—celebrating sobriety. (Diocese of Calgary)

Ulkatcho First Nation
Building Our Future by Strengthening Our Families
This project will build on the community’s existing services and program, to help create a full circle of support for families and children.  The grant will help support the development and delivery of a parenting training program that will increase the ability for parents and families to connect with and understand their children, and to reduce the cycle of neglect, Alta.use and violence in the community.  The grant will also assist with the child-care costs for parents taking training.  (Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)

Webequie First Nation
Restoring Balance
The project will provide support to a Youth Delegation to participate in an Education Day, where elementary students can learn about Aboriginal culture from Aboriginal instructors, participate in workshops on traditional teachings by Elders and traditional teachers.  The group will also be part of the drum group at the Toronto Sky Dome Pow Wow during the latter part of November.

Xaxli’p First Nation
Sobotka Ranch Healing Project
This project is one small part of Xaxli’p First Nation community Recovery Home Project.

It is specific to a number of activities that will enhance the healing component to the project and allow the community to provide services/supports that would not ordinarily be possible in the first year.  The grant is to support transportation and meals for volunteers, clients, trainers, elders to attend workshops or to attend the Recovery House.  (APCI)