2016 listing of grants from the Anglican Healing Fund made and administered by the Healing Response Committee to encourage and initiate programs which help educate and heal.

Aboriginal Education Department, Prince Rupert, BC
Metlakatla Tsmsyen Parents/Grandparents/Children’ Language Initiatives
To continue offering conversational Ts’msyen language classes for community members, and to offer a one week summer language and culture camp. To make language learning more engaging, so the participants will learn the language based on traditional activities and community interaction protocols. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Aboriginal Front Door Society, Vancouver, BC
Coming Together Healing Circles for Men & Women
The project will provide healing circles and life skills training for men and women. The circles will address the inter-generational impacts, socio-economic factors of addiction, health and safety. The life skills program offered is very specific to the organization’s clientele – the homeless living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Aboriginal Neighbours, Victoria, BC
Revitalizing Indigenous Living Languages: A Gift to Future Generations

This project will focus on a Mentor-Apprentice approach wherein a fluent speaker of a language is paired with one or several learners. The mentor and the apprentice will spend 300 hours per year doing everyday activities in their language. The participants of this immersion program become the new speakers in the community and are often working in the schools or Early Childhood Education programs teaching the language. (Diocese of British Columbia)

All Saints Anglican Church/Kakinow Ntomakanik, Winnipeg MB
Kakinow Ntomakanik (All My Relations)
The focus of this inner city healing ministry is to provide support for Indigenous people living in poverty. The program includes: individual and group counseling, working with support groups,
Teaching parenting skills and working with individuals living on the streets. This project was made possible through Special Projects funding. (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Anglican Parish of the Six Nations, Ohsweken, ON
Creative Pathways to Healing from Grief & Loss of Suicide
Phase III of this project will examine the success of activities and assess its impact in relation to community partnerships and projects. The group will coordinate activities with community partners together to create A Model of Best Practice for First Nations. Phase I gathered information about supportive measures and/or gaps in support when families experienced suicide. This was accomplished through community surveys, workshops, presentations, and a community education session including guest speakers. Phase II was spent creating awareness of suicide and the stigma attached to it. (Diocese of Huron)

Anglican Parish of the Six Nations, Ohsweken, ON
Music for the Spirit
To offer a weekly, after school music program starting in January and ending in June. The second part of the project will be to offer a one-week music and culture summer education program for young people in the Six Nations area. The music program will offer young people the opportunity to develop and enhance their music skills while at the same time learning traditional teachings through music, dance and storytelling. (Diocese of Huron)

The Anglican Parish of the Six Nations, Ohsweken, ON
Music For The Spirit
The program will offer instruction on guitar, keyboard, fiddle and drums. The first week is geared towards personal development of the youth leaders. In the second week, the youth will use their music and interpersonal skills to inspire other young people ages 9 to 14 to develop basic proficiency playing a musical instrument. (Diocese of Huron)

Atira Women’s Resource Society, Vancouver, BC
Aboriginal Women’s Outreach (AWO) Program
The project will offer one-on-one, needs based support for Aboriginal women in the AWO program. The support will include any of the following: home visits, crisis calls, advocacy, life skills-related programs, accompaniments, resource information and referrals. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Bakuemgyala Language Group, Campbell River, BC
Weaving Intergenerational Teachings: Culture, Language our Way of Life
To develop Likwala/Kwakwala language curriculum and upload the lessons onto YouTube to share them on the band’s website and Facebook page. The language curriculum will also be available to preschool and daycare programs in the community. The curriculum development will be on-going throughout the year involving Elders and language teachers. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Beh-Jip-Po-Nen Wejok-Ked-Wa-Gon Inc. , Tobique First Nation, NB
Neqotkuk Youth Cultural Healing Retreat
To offer a 5-day language and cultural immersion camp for 50 at-risk youth between the ages of 13 to17. Instruction and guidance will be provided by Elders, traditional healers and crafts-persons. All activities will be conducted in the Wolastoqewiyik language, with ongoing translation. (Diocese of Fredericton)

CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre, Midland, ON
Standing Together: Healing and Reconciliation Forum
This project will bring together Elders, medicine people, teachers, helpers and the non-Indigenous community to promote collective healing. The participants will have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies, learn traditional teachings, Indigenous culture and the legacy of the residential schools. (Diocese of Toronto)

Committee on Abuse in Residential Schools, Whitehorse, YT
Workshops and Programs
The purpose of the project is to create an experiential learning program that promotes healing and reconciliation for the survivors of residential schools through on-the-land activities. The seasonal activities will include: traditional teachings, ceremonies, field trips, life skills, crafts, arts, physical exercises and classroom learning. (Diocese of Yukon)

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Association, Vancouver, BC
Circle of Healing: Cultural Recovery &Resiliency for Aboriginal Women
To continue the cultural programming and leadership development for aboriginal women survivors of the residential schools and their descendants. The project will provide support for women to attend meetings and cultural workshops that will assist them to build resiliency and help with cultural recovery. (Diocese of New Westminster)

EagleSpeaker Community Connection Society, Calgary, AB
Indigenous Language: Strengths & Struggles
To develop an educational multi-media resource that identifies language restoration as a response to the ongoing intergenerational residential schools impact. The aim of the resource will be to complement existing resources by educating readers and website visitors on how some families have had the strength to preserve Indigenous languages in their own home, and how other families have struggled to keep it alive. The work will involve meeting with families from the Blackfoot Confederacy to research, photograph and compile stories. (Diocese of Calgary)

Ehattesaht Chinehkint Tribe, Zeballos, BC
Growing our Language
The project will host language immersion weekends that will focus on learning the Ehattesaht language for families who are ready to take their healing to the next level – that of learning their language. The language will focus on prayer and prayer making, songs and conversational language on interaction and protocols. The language immersion sessions will be offered from December to the end of May. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Garden River Wellness Centre, Garden River, ON
Beauty for Ashes
This is a 5-day intensive therapeutic residential program targeted towards adults 18 and over.
This program is designed for those who have been impacted by abuse and neglect. This residential program addresses issues related to childhood trauma, domestic violence, and/or family dysfunction and focuses on building communication skills.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government, New Aiyansh, BC
From Trauma to Healing – ART THERAPY
To offer a 4-day Art Therapy workshop for survivors of residential schools and their families.
Art therapy involves the creation of art to facilitate exploration and understanding of self and others. (Diocese of Caledonia)

The Healing Garden Committee – City of St. Albert, AB
The Healing Garden
The aim of this project is to plan and construct a community healing garden. The healing garden will be a place for families to come together and spend time connecting with one another or connecting with others. It will be a place for storytelling, peaceful contemplation and a place where the public can learn more about the history of residential schools and its on-going impact. (Diocese of Edmonton)

Indigenous Perspectives Society, Victoria, BC

Button Blanket Cultural Healing through Art Project
To host a 10-week Button Blanket making learning sessions that will be led by Elders. The Elders will begin with the history of the blanket, history of the west coast crests and teachings related to the blanket and crestsAn artist will be present to assist the participants with their design, and be available for follow up session with the participants. The participants will work in table groups to make one blanket. Throughout the 10 weeks, the Elders will lead group discussions based on topics chosen by the group. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh, Kingfisher, ON

Women’s Traditional and Life Skills Teachings
To host a 5-day women’s gathering that will focus on cultural practices, traditional knowledge, language recovery and will include biblical teachings. Special attention will be given to intergenerational learning. (Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh)

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh, Kingfisher, ON

ISMM Healing Gathering
To host a healing gathering for clergy and other community people who have experienced trauma and/or suffered a loss through self-destructive behavior. The gathering will include workshops on grief, living with addictions in the family, information sharing, tools for network building, along with worship and praise. The workshops will be offered during the day while the worship services and praise will take place in the evening.
(Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh)

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh, Kingfisher Lake, ON

First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother-Tongue
The project is to provide support for 6 bible translators to attend the First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother-Tongue Translators’ training in the spring of 2017.
(Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh)

Journeys Around the Circle Society, Vancouver, BC

Aboriginal Elders Project for Healing, Empowerment & Reconciliation
This program will offer Aboriginal Elders activities that will assist them to better manage their lives on various levels. The activities will include: talking circles, workshops on communication, conflict resolution, violence prevention, personal safety and sessions with the youth that will involve drum-making, story-telling and wisdom sharing. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Journeys Around the Circle Society, Vancouver, BC

Aboriginal Elders Project for Healing, Empowerment & Reconciliation
There are two components to this project. First is to hold weekly talking circles and monthly gatherings providing opportunities to residential school survivors and Elders to engage in peer-support that will help to strengthen their ability to manage stress and make healthier decisions. To develop and deliver an interactive theatre presentation with the theme of reconciliation.
(Diocese of New Westminster)

Kateri Ikwe-wog Circle, Thunder Bay, ON

Honouring our Strength toward Positive Growth
The project involves hosting healing and talking circles on a weekly basis for Elders and offering cultural teachings twice a month for the youth. There will be community activities, events and educational workshops for a period of 8 months. (Diocese of Algoma)

Kinosao Sipi Minisowin Agency, Norway House MB

Strength to Strength Wilderness Camp
The project will enable 10 women who show signs of high risk behavior due to substance abuse and who wish to remain with their children to attend a seven weekend wilderness therapeutic camp. Facilitators who have extensive experience in the social field will facilitate workshops and group work. (Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamkoweesh)

Kwakwaka’wakw Contextualized AC Society, Alert Bay, BC

Kwakwaka’wakw Contextualized church: divesting from colonization and reclaiming a share in the Anglican Church of Canada
The project is to transcribe the old orthography of the four Gospels and the Book of Acts into the new writing system currently used by most Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw people. This project will broaden the scope of texts available for readers and learners of Kwak’wala. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Mackay Residential School Gathering Inc. , Winnipeg, MB

Reclaiming Our Culture through Language
To host a 3-day gathering for the Cree people of Manitoba who have roots that extend back to York Factory and who share a common heritage and language. The focus of the gathering will be to examine the root meanings of words in the Cree language and how these words convey values and beliefs. (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Mishko Bimaadziwin Family Support Services, Thunder Bay, ON

Bimadji Aawasowin
To offer a community-based Ojibwe language program. The language classes will be offered once a week for a year. The project will promote and provide an opportunity for Indigenous children, parents, caregivers, seniors and Elders to reclaim and/or refresh their ancestral language. The language classes will be open anyone who wants to learn the Ojibwe language. (Diocese of Algoma)

Mistatim Medicine Horse Society, Midland, ON

Medicine Horse Camps
This is a 4-week summer cultural camp for aboriginal children and youth between the ages of 8-18. The program includes equine assisted learning, horsemanship, cultural and land based activities, nature walks, teaching and healing circles and leadership development. (Diocese of Toronto)

Mnidoo Mnising Buffalo Sundance, Wikwemikong, ON

Inter-Generational Healing Restorative Practices through Sundance
To host the 4th year of the Sundance in the community of Wikwemikong. At the end of the Sundance in 2013 on the Standing Buffalo Reserve in Saskatchewan, an official transfer was conducted and it was ordered that the Sundance be held on Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve. The agreement included that Standing Buffalo would travel to Ontario for four years. June 2017 will be the 4th and final year of the commitment to host the ceremonies with the help of Standing Buffalo. (Diocese of Algoma)

Mohawk Village Memorial Park, Scotland, ON

Mohawk Village Memorial Park Healing Circle
To invite a guest speaker to share his/her experiences from the Mohawk Institute and to identify the lasting impacts on his/her life and his family. Survivors will be encouraged to share their experiences for healing and reconciliation (Diocese of Huron)

Muskoday First Nation Elders Club, Muskoday, SK

Rebuilding the Cree Language/Culture at Muskoday First Nation
To host a 5-day Elder teachings on culture for the members of Muskoday and Sturgeon Lake First Nation communities. The event will focus on Cree Language, traditional teachings, story-telling, singing, dancing, drumming and demonstrations on handicrafts, such as, beading, quillwork, moccasins-sewing and basket weaving. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Nanoose First Nation, Lantzville, BC

Language Preservation and Enhancement for Nanoose First Nation Part II
This is a continuation of a previously funded project which saw the recording of the dictionary up to “H”. This project will see a completion of the dictionary project from “H” to “Z”. The project will involve recording the words spoken by speakers fluent in the Hul’qumi’num language. The recordings will be distributed to Nanoose First Nation community members. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Naskapi Development Corporation, Kawawawachikamach, QC

First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother-Tongue Translators’ workshop
The project will enable the First Nations mother-tongue translators to attend a translator training workshop with the purpose of developing and building their capacity needed to provide translations of the Bible into the First Nations languages spoken in their home communities. (Diocese of Quebec)

Naskapi Development Corporation, Kawawachikamach, PQ

First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building: Mother-Tongue Translators’ workshop
The request is to provide support for 6 bible translators to attend the First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother-Tongue Translators’ workshop in the spring of 2017.
(Diocese of Quebec)

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Aboriginal Child and Youth Camp
To continue providing summer camp for children, youth and families residing in the City of Toronto and area. The focus of the camps is on traditional teachings, healthy life styles, healthy family relationships and healing. This camp provides a unique opportunity for children, youth and families to experience camp in a wilderness setting.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Niijkiwendidaa Anishnaabekwewag Services Circle, Peterborough, ON

The Mno Mshkiki – Good Medicine
The project will promote relationship building between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, educate participants about Indigenous history and culture, and offer strategies on how to work toward reconciliation. (Diocese of Toronto)

North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, Winnipeg, MB

Lighting the Fire Within
The aim of the project is to establish an on-going drum group, to provide opportunities for people to have regular access to traditional ceremonies and regular access to the land. The activities will include: full moon ceremonies, community sweat lodge ceremonies, women’s gathering, drum making workshops and acquiring and setting up a tipi. (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre, Quathiaski Cove, BC

Liqwala Learning App
To create an interactive e-learning Liqwala language lessons using audio and graphic vignettes.
The process will require recording fluent language speakers and to use that audio recording, to build the app for online download and use. The learner will use interactive lessons to become familiar with the words and sentences of the Liqwala language. The app will also use visuals and a multiple choice quiz/questions to test the learner in their learning progress. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Old Sun Community College, Siksika First Nation, Siksika AB

Kipaitapiyisinnooni Akohtskonata’pso’p (Our Way of Life Will Make Us Strong)
To host a community conference that will feature guest speakers, hands-on projects led by experienced and skilled artisans, teachings and will end with a powwow hosted by the recently revived ceremonial Kettle Dance Society. (Diocese of Calgary)

Ontario Indian Residential School Support Services, SS Marie, ON

Reconciliation Begins with Me
To create a resource on how to start a reconciliation conversation within a community. The development process will include hosting educational, cultural and healing workshops, presentations and sharing circles. The visions and ideas generated from these workshops will be compiled and form part of the Community Action Toolkit. The project will bring together residential school survivors, elders, intergenerational survivors, their families, as well as indigenous and non-indigenous youth. (Diocese of Algoma)

Port Alberni Friendship Centre, Port Alberni, BC

Healing Hearts 2016 – Providing Traditional Healing Tools to Aboriginal
A project to host a two-day workshop on traditional teachings and cultural healing practices. Traditional healing tools will be made available to the participants to help them heal from the violence on the streets, within their homes and from their friends’ suicide or from their loved ones’ overdose.

Reconciliation Canada – A New Way Forward Society, Vancouver, BC

National Gathering of Spiritual Leaders and Youth
To host a two and a half-day youth and elders dialogue on indigenous spirituality, self-determination and reconciliation. This is in recognition of TRC Call to Action 61. 4 that calls for regional dialogues for Indigenous spiritual leaders and youth to discuss Indigenous spirituality, self-determination, and reconciliation. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Selkirk First Nation, Pelly Crossing, YT

Recognition and Home Coming Ceremony
To install a residential school monument acknowledging and honouring all those who attended the Indian Residential School. The names of all former students will be etched on the plaque as a reminder of the legacy of the residential school system. The event will provide an opportunity for reconciliation of the whole community and to move forward in a new way. (Diocese of the Yukon)

Shishalh Nation (Sechelt Indian Band), Sechelt, BC

The Spelemulh – Youth and Family Cultural Re-Discovery Camps
The project will offer two summer cultural camps with shíshálh youth and their extended families. This will give Sechelt families an opportunity to experience a cultural camp in the ancient village sites of their ancestors. The goal is to reintegrate the children back onto the land and teach them their genealogy, history, language and how to live cooperatively with one another on the land. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Six Nations Language Commission, Ohsweken, ON

Onondaga Language Adult Immersion Program
This project is to acquire resources and technology needed for the Onondaga language immersion program that is to begin in early 2017. Language instructors were hired to revamp the language program and to create curriculum for six 1st year students. Onondaga language is not offered in the public school system and it puts the speakers at a major disadvantage, and so more of an effort has to be made to ensure its survival. (Diocese of Huron)

St. Alban’s the Martyr Cathedral Church, Prince Albert, SK

Cree Language Healing Project
To continue to host and encourage local indigenous people and interested members of the Cathedral to gather with Elders to learn Woodland Cree in the context of a weekly meal and family gathering. The project is intended to be a visible sign of the reconciliation and commitment to healing from the legacy of the residential schools. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

St. James Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC

Reconciliation Feast and Documentary Video
There are two parts to this project. Part 1 is to host a reconciliation feast to honor residential school survivors and to engage Elders to provide traditional teachings. Part II is to produce a documentary to share knowledge acquired through this experience. A template will be available for other parishes to adapt and to pursue their own journey of friendship and partnership with members of the Indigenous community. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services, Victoria, BC

Healing our Hearts, Hearing our Ancestors
The project will invite youth to engage in a safe environment where they can learn coping sills to deal with trauma and grief. The program will integrate cultural teachings, positive role-modeling, and cross cultural training, with leadership skills development through the arts, ceremony and other workshops to address the need for healing.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Government, Dawson City, YT

Indian Residential School Memorial Plaque Ceremony
The project will honor community members who attended residential schools, and install an engraved plaque in tribute to those who attended residential schools. The event will include: education and awareness on the impact of residential schools, a special ceremony for the intergenerational survivors and a ceremony for all the community members. (Diocese of Yukon)

Tseycum First Nation, North Saanich, BC

Community Healing through Traditional Teachings, Arts & Crafts
The overall goal of this project is to bring the community together to bridge the intergenerational gap and provide access to traditional knowledge. Community gatherings will include both the philosophy and the practice of communal living incorporating the needs of the participants. The activities will begin with a traditional welcome, a prayer, circle check-in, cooking a meal communally, blessing of food, followed by learning activities. (Diocese of British Columbia)

West Region Child and Family Services, Inc. , Erickson, MB

Reclaiming Our Voices-18th Annual Gathering of First Nation Women
This prevention program is an annual gathering of First Nation women who have been affected by alcohol, drugs, and/or family violence and who are working to heal themselves so they can be reunited with their children, who have come into the care of child welfare. (Diocese of Brandon)