Total $100,000—4 projects

Equay-Wuk (Women’s Group)—Sioux Lookout, Ont.
Kee Kaa Win – Begin the Healing Seminar
Invitation for women, youth and elders to address issues on: family violence, elder abuse, sexual abuse, illness and disability, poverty, residential schools etc.   Seminar to be held on May 24-27, 1997 (Diocese of Keewatin)

Fort Severn First Nation—Fort Severn, Ont.
To Heal from the Effects of the Residential School Syndrome
Washaho First Nation is the most northern community in Ontario, is taking steps to begin healing from the abuse and pain suffered as students who attended residential schools.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Pelican Lake Healing Gathering—Sioux Lookout, Ont.
Pelican Lake Residential School Healing Gathering
A healing gathering ceremony for former students and staff of the Pelican Indian Residential School in Sioux Lookout in May 16-19, 1997.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Wunnumin Lake First NationWunnumin Lake,Ont.
Training for Community Resource Workers
Under Wunnumin Lake First Nation’s development of a healing process for survivors of sexual abuse and other community members surviving abuse.  (Diocese of Keewatin)