Total $478,188 – 40 projects

Aboriginal Front Door Society, Vancouver, BC
Honourable Warriors Circle and Open Healing Circles for Residential School Survivors
The project will provide weekly healing circles for residential school survivors, a daytime healing circle for men to complement the healing circle already in place. The society has an excellent record of providing successful programs to Aboriginal men and women in the Downtown Eastside using traditional teachings as the foundation to encourage health, healing and responsibility towards self and others. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Aboriginal Kateri Service, Geraldton, ON
The Kateri Service of Geraldton is committed to the healing and reconciliation of aboriginal people. Kateri Service offers a variety of services to aboriginal people through the blending of their culture and traditions with Christian spirituality and values.   The grant will allow the group to continue the healing work through home visits, referral services, spiritual guidance, healing circles, cultural teachings, ceremonies, celebrations and feasts. (Diocese of Moosonee)

All Saints Survivors Inc., Prince Albert, SK
The project will enable the survivors and their families to participate in traditional practices and teachings, attend talking and healing circles, learn self-care, learn their history as people, and begin or continue on a healing journey. The project will provide a forum for the participants to learn and understand the Independent Assessment Process. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

All Saints Survivors Inc., Prince Albert, SK
This community based healing project will be designed by residential school survivors for residential school survivors and family members. The project will address the residential school abuses and the intergenerational impacts. This project will create an opportunity for survivors and their families to heal through traditional healing approaches. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples
The project will enable a number of individuals to attend the Sixth Anglican Indigenous Sacred Circle to be held in Vancouver, BC on August 17-23, 2008.   The Sacred Circle is one of the most significant healing gatherings for the Indigenous Anglicans in Canada.

Anglican Youth Group, Pond Inlet, NU
Youth Healing Conference

The aim of the conference is to bring healing to the youth in Pond Inlet and other north Baffin communities. The focus of the conference is to instill a sense of pride in their lives and give them ways to deal with hopelessness. The youth deal with many issues, such as, suicide, grieving, drug abuse, depression, teenage pregnancy, abortions, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, bullying, etc. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Arrowhead Foundation/Ishaawin Family Resources, Thunder Bay, ON
The project will enable 3 people to attend Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training Seminar. The three candidates must be fluent in the Oji-Cree language so that they can be involved in the development of Oji-Cree language teaching resources. SALTS is a 5-day intensive training seminar for survivors of abuse who wish to advance in their healing journey, and to gain skills so that they can lead others in healing journey. (Diocese of Algoma)

Brantford Native Housing, Brantford, ON
The Saw^nisliyoste
(Better Day Coming) project emphasizes respect for the individual, re-creation of the person, and development of a sense of self-worth and self-esteem through cultural revitalization. The project will consist of cultural workshops, life skills training seminars, and traditional teaching classes. The program is based upon the experience of intergenerational affects of the Residential School System.

Creating Hope Society, Edmonton, AB
The purpose of this project is to develop a support group for families and communities impacted by the residential school and the child welfare systems.   The program is designed for the participants to understand what happened when they were removed from their families and community; why it happened and begin to come to terms with the events. They will discover their personal background and have an opportunity to re-establish family/community ties.

Dr. William Winter School of Ministry, Kingfisher, ON
The First Nation communities in this area are working together towards self-determination, and language and healing is part of that process. This project will allow translation of documents required and interpretation services needed to facilitate the communications for all members of the 17 First Nations communities involved with this project. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services Inc. Counselling Unit
The project is to set up a men’s healing group with representatives from the ten surrounding First Nation communities. The group will hold a 4-day gathering in March 2008 in Fort Frances where the participants will have an opportunity to work with psychologists. At this gathering, the men will begin to examine and address their trauma and abuse issues from the residential schools and the intergenerational impacts. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Friends of Mother Earth, Heron Bay, ON

4th Annual Voices of Tomorrow Youth & Elders Gathering
The Ojibways of Pic River will host a 4-day Youth Gathering. It is expected that there will be approximately 200 youth and elders in attendance. Follow-up will be on-going through continued community support groups, healing circles, traditional ceremonies and future youth and elders’ gatherings. (Diocese of Algoma)

Hummingbird Ministries, Vancouver, BC
A Ministry of the Presbytery of Westminster of the Presbyterian Church in Canada

Aboriginal Leadership in Ministry Development
The project is an Aboriginal directed initiative which looks to the Aboriginal community for leadership in defining the needs of their spirituality and the development of an Aboriginal ministry.   Through the lens of Aboriginal focus groups the project seeks to define what the people see as ministry and what the methodology of that ministry could look like. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Kanien’kenhá:ka Aotióhkwa Tehatiwennaténie’s Kahiatonhseratokénhti
Formerly Tehatiwennaténie’s ne Rawwenni:io Raowén:na, the Mohawk Bible Translation Project. The Mohawk Bible Translation Project is an on-going Mohawk bible translation work and training of translators. (Diocese of Montreal)

Lake of the Woods Ojibway Cultural Centre, Kenora, ON

Residential School Healing Gathering
Lake of the Woods Cultural Centre on behalf of the Anishinabek Survivors of Residential Schools proposes to hold a reunion and traditional gathering at the site of the McIntosh Residential School. McIntosh Residential School was a Catholic operated school that operated from 1924 to 1969. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Native Communication Society of the NWT, Yellowknife, NT
The Sacred Circle Project

Sacred Circle is a grass roots community development project that began in January 2002 as an alternative method of healing for women. Today, the aim of this project is to support a growing community of people who are ‘walking the red path’, meaning living a life that is alcohol, drug and crime free. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Neskonlith Indian Band, Chase, BC
Strengthening Our Spirits

This project will assist men in rebuilding their self-esteem, learn how to reconcile their relationships, and learn how to forgive the people who have hurt them in the past. Most importantly, the men will learn how to reconcile with self about the loss of their cultural identity through cultural and traditional practices. (Diocese of Kootenay)

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Merrit, BC
Feeding Our Spirits; Healing Our Hearts

To host an educational conference for approximately 200 people – Elders, social work students, and community professionals. The event will address healing from the legacy of residential school. The activities will focus on self-care and self-awareness around residential school issues. This gathering will assist graduates of the social work program, working in their home communities, access professional education and training. Many of these graduates are themselves residential school survivors and have expressed a need to learn more about how to help themselves and their clients. (APCI)

Nokee Kwe Occupational Skill Development Inc., London, ON
Language, the Healing Portal

The grant will enable the organization to continue to offering Oneida and Ojibwa language classes. Ojibwa language classes will begin in June and run for 6 months, while the Oneida classes will begin January 2008 and run for 6 months. The goal is to help preserve these two languages so that the future generations can also learn to speak their Mother tongue. (Diocese of Huron)

North East Native Advancement Society, Fort ST. John, BC
Generation Bridging Through Mentoring

The overall purpose of the project is to formally reintegrate Elders into all aspects of the agency’s operation including: planning, implementing, mentoring and providing support to programs that work with families negatively impacted by residential school system. The Elder will be involved at every level including the Board of Directors level, right down to working with the program coordinators and workers. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House, Pentiction, BC
To hold a series of healing circles for Aboriginal women living in Penticton and in the surrounding First Nation communities. Topics of discussion and learning will be selected by the women themselves but will include: intergeneration impact of residential schools on family systems, cycle of violence, self-esteem, traditional parenting and spirituality. (Diocese of Kootenay)

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Residential School Survivors, Opaskwayak, MB
To hold a series of healing workshops and a gospel jamboree once a year for a period of 4 years. Each of the 5-day events will consist of healing and personal and spiritual development workshops. (Diocese of Brandon)

Prince George Dakelh Elders Society, Prince George, BC                                            
The aim of the project is to begin a healing process for Aboriginal inmates while incarceration. A series of healing workshops will be offered that will include traditional, spiritual and contemporary methodologies. The workshops will be led by Aboriginal Elders and non-Aboriginal healers. (Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)

Rupert’s Land Aboriginal Circle, Winnipeg, MB
St. John’s Park Sacred Gathering

To hold a 3-day Sacred Gathering at St. John’s Cathedral and St. John’s Park in the north end of Winnipeg. The gathering will focus on n healing and reconciliation through bible studies, sharing circles, healing circles, story telling, healing liturgies and end the day with a gospel jamboree. (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church – Healing & Wellness Committee, Waboden, MB
To hold a healing gathering where a creation of a new healing ministry for the First Nations communities in Northern Manitoba will be the focus of discussion. The healing ministry will be based on traditional values, knowledge and spirituality, and traditional understanding of Christianity. (Diocese of Brandon)

St. Clement’s Anglican Church, Sachigo Lake, ON
The purpose of the project is to hold a 3-day community healing gathering for survivors of the residential schools and the survivors of Ralph Rowe. A number of healing workshops will be offered during the 3-day period. Gospel singing will take place in the evening where everyone is invited to participate. A feast will be held at a closing of the event. (Diocese of Keewatin)

St. John Divine Prayer Group, Siksika, AB
Believing in Faith through Healing and Reconciliation

The intent of this project is to provide an opportunity for community members who are seeking healing from the legacy of the residential school system to continue their healing journey. A series of community workshops will be offered. The workshops topics will include: healing, personal development and capacity building.   A community support circle will be created a for the participants’ aftercare. The healing approaches will be both traditional and Christian based. (Diocese of Calgary)

St. John’s Anglican Church, Kawawachikamach, QC
Gospel Jamboree

St. John’s Anglican Church purposes to host a first community gospel jamboree and healing gathering.   A number of people from Thompson and Split Lake Manitoba will be invited to lead the gospel jamboree, as well as Native Communications Inc. from Manitoba to broadcast the event. (Diocese of Quebec)

Spirit of the People, Toronto, ON
To continue working with Residential School Survivors, offenders and ex-offenders and their descendents to continue or begin their healing process. The project will enable the organization to continue providing services and referral for Aboriginal offenders, ex-offenders and youth. (Diocese of Toronto)

Squamish Nation, Vancouver, BC
31st Annual BC Elders Gathering

The gathering will take place in North Vancouver and the Squamish Valley. The gathering will help strengthen ties with First Nations throughout BC and bring together family and friends to celebrate. Elders will have the opportunity to share memories, create new friendships and to renew old ones. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Stolo Nation – Social Development Dept., Chilliwack, BC
The project is to hold a 4-day healing gathering. A series of workshops will be offered on traditional and western healing strategies, preservation of cultural crafts, and traditional and herbal medicines. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Toronto Council Fire Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON
Naandwedizwin-Wechihitita Project (Healing Our Selves–Helping Each Other)

This project will provide on-going outreach, education, support and services to survivors and the inter-generational impacted. The project will provide traditional and alternative healing approaches. (Diocese of Toronto)

Touchwood Agency Tribal Council, Punnichy,SK
TATC Cultural Language Retention Camp of the Cree and Saulteaux People

To host a 7-day cultural language retention camp where the participants will be expected to communicate in Cree or Saulteaux for the duration of their stay. Elders who are fluent in one of the languages will be engaged as instructors and facilitators for the camp. The participants will learn various skills, such as, traditional skills required to live on the land, life skills and language. (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)

Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation, Dawson City, YT
K’anacha (Taking Care) Scrapbook Project

This is phase II of the project and it involves publishing the original scrapbook so that copies can be made available for a wide audience. The overall purpose of the scrapbook project has been ‘to see the past, to understand the present and to move towards a healthy future. (Diocese of Yukon)

Ts’kw’aylaxw First Nation, Lillooet, BC
The project will offer community healing workshops on a bi-weekly basis, healing circles, creation of a support group, a weekly cultural classes led by Elders and a community gathering. The cultural classes will be offered to all community members and will include: language, traditional teachings and cultural practices. The community gathering will promote community unity and family togetherness. (Anglican Parishes of Central Interior)

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society, Vancouver, BC
To build relationships between Elders and Youth from the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. Elders will share their stories in a traditional way with the youth. The youth will do historical research to set the context of the lives of the Elders they interview. The youth will combine the information they gather from the Elders and their own research and do a presentation. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Vancouver Native Health Society, Vancouver, BC
The central focus of this project is to engage Aboriginal women who work in the survival sex trade in culturally specific activities that will contribute to their healing through learning identity and building of self-esteem. The program will conduct two 6-month programs per year each with the capacity to 6 participants. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Wasaya Wee-Chee-Way-Win Inc., Kingfisher, ON
The project will enable the development of a coordinated residential schools healing strategy among nine northwestern Ontario First Nation communities. The healing program will enable communities to collaborate on sharing of resources, offer workshops on creating awareness on the effects of residential school legacy, etc. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Wabun Tribal Council, Timmins, ON
Brunswich House First Nation Indigenous Youth Healing Camp

The project involves community workshops and establishing a healing camp where the local community Elders will lead the youth in land based activities.   The activities will focus on the importance of identity, pride and personal well-being. This project is meant to be a bridge between Adults/Elders and the youth. (Diocese of Moosonee)

Yuu-Hadaax & Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC
God is Still Red Symposium

The symposium will provide an opportunity for the participants to discuss and explore issues on First Nations leadership. Sessions will offer critical analysis, knowledge of traditions, an ability to interpret, re-imagine and revise traditions in new contexts. The expected outcome is to develop and maintain mutual networks of support and accountability. (Diocese of New Westminster)