Total  $381,782—36 Projects

Anglican Church Women’s Auxiliary Group—Inukjuak, Que.
St. Thomas Anglican Church. Women’s Community Support and Healing Work
The women, who are all volunteers, work at the community level to provide support to whoever is in need in their community.  Their bi-weekly gatherings provide opportunities for women to share experiences both negative and positive; share and pursue activities that address the negative impacts of Residential Schools on women and families, provide support and encouragement towards healthy lifestyles, and begin or continue journey of healing. (Diocese of the Arctic)

CHI RHO Ministries—Thunder Bay, Ont.

Healing and Teaching Ministries to Indigenous People
This project seeks to continue a special healing and teaching ministry in the First Nation community of Webequie. This project is in its Phase III stage with a focus on the formation of the special healing ministry and the creation of teaching teams. (Diocese of Algoma)

Circle of Elders (Inukjuak) Group—Inukjuak, Que.

Honor of One
The grant will enable the Elders of Inukjuak to hold a community gathering and invite an Elder from another community to facilitate the gathering and workshops on the change and loss of community roles for Elders, look at how the changes of roles have affected them, the family and community.

Creating Hope Society—Edmonton, Alta.
Renewing a Man’s Spirit
This project aims towards creating: a 12-week support group program, two 3-day weekend retreats and a one day forum for Aboriginal men to find their roles within themselves and the family unit.  The program will explore the impacts of colonialism and assimilation practices, the traditional and spiritual practices and how these teachings can be put into practice today. (Diocese of Edmonton)

Cree Nation Tribal Health Centre Inc.—The Pas, Man.
Mosakahiken Cree Nation Cultural Healing Program
The purpose of this project is to reintroduce the seven sacred teachings: respect, honesty, courage, wisdom, humility, love and truth to the members of Mosakahiken Cree Nation.  The loss of these teachings have greatly impacted the people of Mosakahiken Cree Nation and much of it stemmed from the residential school system. (Diocese of Brandon)

Diocesan Council of Indigenous Peoples—Waskaganish, Que.
Diocesan Council’s 2008 Journey of Hope and Empowerment
This gathering will provide an opportunity for the people in the Diocese of Moosonee to address issues that affect them.  It will also provide learning opportunities to learn skills which will help them in dealing with a variety of issues, such as, examining and devising means of blending of Christian and traditional spirituality, supporting one another on a healing journey, etc. (Diocese of Moosonee)
Diocese of Keewatin—Kenora, Ont.

Ministry of Presence through “Talking Circles”
The grant will allow the diocese to hold community talking and sharing circles that will be led by the four archdeacons from northern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.  The talking circles will provide a safe forum for IRS survivors and other community members to share their stories, and provide direction for future healing and reconciliation work.

DZE L K’ANT Friendship Centre Society—Smithers, B.C.

POWER- Providing Outstanding Women Experienced Reality
This project is designed to focus on the healing of First Nations women through a 9-month empowerment program.  The effects of residential school system have left a deep scar on many, and not only have they endured emotional and sexual abuse while attending residential school, many have entered adulthood unprepared for what lay ahead.  Leading to unhealthy lifestyles, consisting of drug and alcohol abuse has led many women down a path of turmoil and self-destruction.  This program will offer tools they need in life to self heal using traditional methods, various workshops, and a variety of physical activities.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Gwich’in Social & Cultural Institute—Fort McPherson N.W.T.
Revision of Writing System for the Development of a Tukudh (Gwich’in) Hymn Book
The Gwich’in Social and Culture Institute identified the need for the production of 900 hymnals to accompany the CDs recorded in 2006-2007.  The hymnals and CDs will contain 19 hymns in the Gwich’in Language orthography.  This will enable the younger generation who have learned their language and who are able to read the Gwich’in Langauge orthography to participate in singing of old hymns.  Thus providing a link between Elders and young people. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Heiltsuk Elders Group—Waglisla, B.C.
Elders Gathering Group
This project involves taking the Elders from this community to attend the 32nd Annual Provincial Elders Gathering in Prince Rupert, B.C..  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Kaien Island Elders—Prince Rupert, B.C.

Provincial Elders Gathering 2008
The grant will assist with the 32nd Annual Provincial Elders Gathering in Prince Rupert, B.C..
(Diocese of Caledonia)

Kakinow Ntomakanik‑Winnipeg, Man.

Kakinow Ntomakanik
The focus on this inner city healing ministry is to work with Aboriginal people—Elders, women and children living in poverty.   The components of this work include: individual and group counseling, support groups, providing workshops like parenting skills, communication and working with individuals living on the street. (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Liard Aboriginal Women’s Group—Watson Lake, Yuk.
Emergence—The Preservation, Sharing of Kaska Language, Legends and Art
This grant will enable the group to offer monthly Kaska language and culture workshops for a period of 7 months.  The workshops will take the form of story telling, sewing programs, arts and crafts sessions, circle sharing and conversation.  This project is meant to prevent further erosion of the Kaska language and culture. (Diocese of Yukon)

Magnetawan First Nation—Britt, Ont.
Community Residential School Healing Process
The project will address the legacy of Residential Schools and its intergenerational impacts by holding a 2-hour workshop every other Wednesday for nine-months. The healing activities will include traditional and cultural teachings, ceremonies, men and women’s healing circles, and feasts. (Diocese of Algoma)

Manitobans for Healing and Reconciliation—Winnipeg, Man.

National Day of Healing and Reconciliation
The grant will assist with the 2008 National Day of Healing and Reconciliation event in Winnipeg.   (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Metlakatla Suugyigyet Dancers—Prince Rupert, B.C.
Regalia Classes Making
This project aims to revive the Tsimshian language and culture through songs, dances, storYuk.elling, regalia making and learning the meaning of clan and tribal crests.  Through these activities, the children and youth have an opportunity to ‘rediscover’ their traditional identity, values, roots and language.
(Diocese of Caledonia)

Mikwendasoawin Institute—Ginew, Man.

This four-week project will provide an opportunity for Elders and youth to share life stories, residential school experiences, Anishinabe history, traditional teachings plus various other activities including on-the-land activities.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

NaanDoo We’an Wellness Centre—Garden River, Ont.
Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit Project
The project will consist of a series of interactive educational workshops that will help participants understand the impact of residential school on the Anishnaabe. These workshops will be offered four times a year. (Diocese of Algoma)

National Residential School Survivors Society—Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Piloting Truth & Reconciliation at the Community Level
This project is to establish a model for truth and reconciliation at the local level that will engage the survivor, the family, the church and the perpetrator.   (Diocese of Algoma)

NeChee Friendship Centre—Kenora, Ont.
Residential School Exhibit
The aim of this project is to create an exhibit that will tell of the history of the three residential schools that were located in the Kenora area.  This exhibition will bring awareness and education about the experience of residential school survivors, and its impacts on today’s generation.  The exhibition will also serve as a way to commemorate survivors of residential school and honour their commitment to healing. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Neegoni Wabun Gi Gay Win Lodge—Cutler, Ont.
Grandmother’s Gathering
To hold a four-day traditional healing gathering for women.  The participants will learn and experience traditional healing methods. (Diocese of Algoma)

Northern Lights Metis Council—Cochrane, Ont.
Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Concept
The project is designed to teach and help gain a basic understanding of traditional cultural practices that were all but lost during the residential school era.  The program will be delivered in the form of Medicine Wheel Concepts Teachings that will give the Metis Nation an opportunity to move forward with their own cultural practices that derived from the First Nations People.
(Diocese of Moosonee)

Northern Lights Youth Group—Inukjuak, Que.
Inuksuapik Project
This is an initiative created by the youth for the youth.  The grant will enable the youth to plan, organize and participate in a variety of activities with a focus on healing and learning healthy life styles. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Piikani Child & Family Services—Brocket, Alta.
Piikani Youth Council
This youth development project focuses on helping youth acquire skills necessary to lead healthy lives, learn leadership skills, and build a relationship with the Elders. The activities will include: sports, summer camps, cultural learning activities, socialization opportunities and participating in mentoring programs.  The core component of the project will be the RCMP’s involvement with the youth through a Rodeo Program. (Diocese of Calgary)

Red Spirit Pathways—Southwold, Ont.
Native Community Worker Training—Undoing the effects of Residential School
To train a team of 25 community traditional support workers.  The trainees will receive training in traditional healing strategies and methodologies.    (Diocese of Huron)

Regina Treaty Status Indian Services Inc.—Regina, Sask.
Healing Our Past, Present and Future
The goal of this project is to provide education that will lead to breaking the cycle of physical and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, and suicide; and to promote healthier and more productive choices in both behaviour and lifestyle for future generations.  The program activities will include a variety of workshops and traditional sacred ceremonies. (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)

Restoring the Circle—Owen Sound, Ont.

Restoring the Circle Conference 2009
To host a two-day community conference with a focus on the on-going effects of the residential school system to the Aboriginal community, and to explore ways the community can work together to bring about a healthier relationship. (Diocese of Huron)

Sapotaweyak Cree Nation Health Authority—Pelican Rapids, Man.
Women’s Healing Gathering
The purpose of the project is to host a four-day healing gathering geared especially for women from various First Nation communities in the area.  (Diocese of Brandon)

Schumacher P.S. Aboriginal Council Committee—Schumacher, Ont.
Let Us Journey Together with Our Children
The project will provide an opportunity for the children attending Schumacher Public School to learn about Aboriginal people, their contribution to make Canada the great nation that it is
become, and share in the celebration!  The grant will enable the staff to develop learning activities for the children and invite the community to participate. (Diocese of Moosonee)

Serpent River First Nation—Cutler, Ont.
Our Heritage; Our Land; Our Language
To hold a four-season community cultural camp experience for the members of the Serpent River First Nation.   These camps will bring greater awareness on traditional harvesting methods, food storage, storYuk.elling and ceremonies.  It will also provide direction for harvest management, and language and culture maintenance strategies.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Sheguiandah First Nation—Sheguianda, Ont.
Reclaiming Our Dance
To bring in skilled dancers and drummers to teach the community members various dances, regalia making, traditional songs and drumming.  This project will help participants reconnect participants with traditional and cultural teachings. (Diocese of Algoma)

Sunrise Native Addictions Services—Calgary, Alta.
Sunrise Youth & Family Program
This project will enable economically disadvantaged families to participate in various community programs throughout the year.   The project will address the healing needs of participants by strengthening bonds between children, youth and parents.  (Diocese of Calgary)

The Three Sisters Committee—Kingston, Ont.
Healing the Spirit Within: Planting Seeds of Understanding on the Intergenerational
Impact of Residential School

To host a two-day awareness and education workshop titled ‘An Aboriginal Perspective’ to non-Aboriginal social service workers in Kingston. The workshop will help participants gain an understanding and awareness of Aboriginal history and increase their cultural awareness and sensitivity. (Diocese of Ontario)

Urban Circle Training Centre Inc.—Winnipeg, Man.

Medicine Eagle Healing Project
This Project provides a unique opportunity for Urban Circle Training Centre, Keeseekoowin First Nation and Winnipeg Inner City Missions to work in partnership to address healing issues.

There will be on-going support for the participants throughout and following the gatherings.  In addition, there will be an opportunity for participants to participate in a series of intensive healing workshops as a next step to the healing process.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Wabanaki People of the Dawn—St. Stephen, N.B.
The Return of The Original Anishnabe Teachings: an exchange venue, facilitated by the Wabanakis Elders and by the Ojibway Elders on the Great Migration.
To bring Ojibway Elders and Wabanaki Elders together to share stories and teachings on the great migration of the Ojibways to the Eastern Door.  These stories and teachings were almost lost after the European contact, and virtually became completely unknown during the residential school era.  Today, the stories remain with only a few who remember the ancient bundles. (Diocese of Fredericton)

Walk Bravely Forward Society—Vancouver, B.C.
Prison in Reach Program
The grant will allow Elders to go in to the prison system to work with the offenders on a regular basis.  The funds will cover the transportation costs for the Elders to get to and from the institutions.  (Diocese of New Westminster)