Total $374,601—34 projects

Arrowhead Foundation-Ishaawin Family Resources—Thunder Bay, Ont.
The project seeks assistance to send three new trainees to Muskeegan, Michigan to take Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training Seminar (SALTS), and one person to take the Advance Leadership Training.   The trainee who attended last spring’s training will be taking the advance training.  The advance training enables the trainee to learn facilitation skills, thus eventually becoming a trainer.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Brantford Native Housing—Brantford, Ont.

Saw^nislioste “Better Day Coming” Project
This project will address the core causes of homelessness and domestic violence and begin the healing process for the participants.  The goals of the Transitional Home/Shared Accommodation House are to engage the Aboriginal men and women in a culture-based group healing process so that they can recognize, address and begin to resolve the healing issues that they may have as a result of abuse experienced at residential schools and/or the intergenerational impacts of such abuses.  (Diocese of Huron)

Building Bridges GroupQualicum Beach, B.C.
Building Bridges Project
The Building Bridges Group will hold two community gatherings involving both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.  The first gathering will be held at St. Edmund’s Anglican Church in early May of 2006.  A follow up of the “5-year Pilgrimage Towards Right Relations Organization” which was focused on education for non-Aboriginal people with opportunity to meet, dialogue and listen.  Building Bridges project focuses more on active interaction between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.  The project is about sharing celebrations, sharing meals, sponsoring each other’s projects through fundraising, etc.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

CHI RHO Christian Ministries—Thunder Bay, Ont.
Healing & Teaching Ministries to Indigenous People
At the invitation of the community and the diocese of Keewatin, three people were brought into Webequie in 2006 for two week-long visits to bring a healing and teaching ministry.  This project seeks to continue that initiative and to create an opportunity that will allow two Webequie community members to receive training in prayer ministry in Thunder Bay.  Once training is complete, the trainees will carry on with the healing and teaching ministry in the community. (Diocese of Algoma)

Children of Shingwauk Alumni AssociationSault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Gathering of Residential School Survivors-A Journey of Healing of Rebuilding-Eastern Canada Project.
This is a 3-day gathering of former residential school students of Shingwauk Indian Residential School. The gathering will be held on the campus of the Algoma University College, Sault Ste. Marie on August 4-6, 2006.  The gathering will consist of workshops on healing and information on the Agreement In Principle, Traditional Teachings, Arts & Crafts, Family & Youth Activities, Sharing our Stories, etc. (Diocese of Algoma)

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation—Muncey, Ont.
Chippewas of the Thames, Library & Culture Committee: Reconnecting with Community Project.
This project will enable the community to conduct research and document the traditional knowledge, traditional cultural practices, cultural teachings of its ancestors, and make language training possible to community members.  The teachings will be then passed on to the succeeding generations (adults, youth, children), through community educational initiatives.  (Diocese of Huron)

Comite Shatshitun—Schefferville, Que. 
Project Shatshitun
This project will provide a safe forum for speaking out about the problems faced by the community, its affects on the families, and individuals.  Using the holistic approach, the process will take place inside the community. This approach will tap into the teachings of Elders and other traditional teachers using their traditional knowledge and wisdom regarding healing, culture and values. (Diocese of Quebec)

Diocese of BrandonBrandon, Man.
Anti-Racism Training Project
The project is to hold a 2-day Anti-Racism Training for diocesan clergy and lay members of the diocesan executive.  Approximately 1/3 of the Diocese is comprised of Aboriginal parishes and 21% of the membership of the Executive Committee is Aboriginal. The diocese has worked hard to build a positive, healthy relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and have struggled to succeed.  The diocese believes that an Anti-Racism training, built on the model used by General Synod for training of committees and councils of the national church will be very helpful to improve relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. (Diocese of Brandon)

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre—Vancouver, B.C.
Circle of Elders, Elders Council
This project will enable Circle of Wellness, the Elders Council Elders to continue providing support and guidance to aboriginal women in the Centre who are affected by the legacy of the Residential School system.  The support service includes; counselling, sharing/healing circles, traditional teachings and practices, education workshop, etc. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre Society—Smithers, B.C.
Fatherhood and Healing
This project is designed to focus on understanding the responsibility of parenthood, specifically Fatherhood.  The program will address the needs specific to the generational impact of residential schools that eliminated the role modeling for parenthood, and issues arising from being a single parent and/or stay at home father.  (Diocese of Caledonia) 

Henry Budd College for Ministry—The Pas, Man. 
Building Skills, Building Leadership Project
The project consist of bringing in 52 parish leaders from 10 Aboriginal and 3 non-Aboriginal parishes in The Pas Deanery together for two days to develop and refine skills in grant writing and youth ministry.  (Diocese of Brandon)

Homalco First Nation—Campbell River, B.C.
Xwemalhkwu Tribal Journey 2007
This project will enable the community to participate in the 2007 Canoe Journey, and allows the youth to learn tradition, build-character, teamwork and a sense of being part of a whole community.  Canoe journeys are first and foremost a community and character building, healing experience, and constitute an integral part of coastal First Nation’s way of life. The canoe pullers undergo a personal and collective spiritual quest. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Kanien’kehá:ka Aotióhkwa Tehatiwennaténie’s KahiatonhseratokénhtiKanehsatake, Que.
The Mohawk Bible Translation Project will train fluent speakers of the Mohawk language in translation principles, and provide tools necessary to do quality bible translation. The training will take place at The Summer Institute of Linguistics in Catalina, Arizona in the fall of 2006. The project will produce written and oral versions of the final products. (Diocese of Montreal) 

Kitselas First Nation—Terrace, B.C.
Strengthening Our Families, Strengthening Our Community
This project will build upon the community’s existing services to help create a traditional framework for healing and supporting families and children.  It will develop and promote culturally relevant healing practices in the community, leading to a reconnection to traditional activities, Elder roles, youth mentorship and parenting/family development.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Klahoose First Nation, Squirrel Cove—Cortes Island, B.C.
Enhancing Family Systems – a Model for Change
The project is intended to build on the community family wellness and parenting support program by providing needed funding to bring Elders, parents and youth together, enhancing culture, bridging the intergenerational gaps, and helping community members to heal from the impacts of the abuses suffered in residential schools.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Kwadacha Nation, Health & Social Development Department—Fort Ware, B.C.
Healing Through Family Wellness
The Project will be centered around the integration of traditional/formal Family Wellness and Parenting training program which involves Elders as co-facilitators and teachers of the traditional knowledge.  This program is based on the need to utilize the skills, knowledge and traditional teachers found locally.  This parenting training program consists of s series of 8 sessions that can be done in a pre-determined order, or can be used in the order which best meets the needs of the participants. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Moving Beyond Foundation Inc.—Punnichy, Sask.
Alternatives to Violence
The grant will allow the organization to hold a weekly 2-3 hour group sessions with women to address issues of violence, power and control, communication, assertiveness, relationship and parenting skills.  Family violence and the intergenerational effects of the residential schools is widespread throughout the community and surrounding communities. Two individuals possessing training in providing family violence will facilitate the groups. (Diocese of Qu’Appelle) 

Nats’eju’ Dahk’eYellowknife, NT
The Sacred Circle Project is a community development project that offers women and their families an alternative method of healing from what exists in mental health agencies in the community.  The group has been holding Women Talking Traditional Circles, Sewing Circles, Drum Circles, Storytelling, Spiritual Retreats and Picking Medicines.  The group is now receiving funding from 3 different sources but those sources do not cover food costs for the gatherings. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Hollow Water First Nation—Wanipigow, Man.
Ningo Gikinonwin Cultural Project
This purpose of this project is to hold four traditional seasonal gatherings.  The gatherings will be held in the traditional territory of Hollow Water First Nation.  The former residential school students will share their experiences at residential schools and the impact the residential school system has had on the community.  The Elders will provide traditional teachings and practices, along with teachings on the environment. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Nishnawbe-Aski Nation—Thunder Bay, Ont.
Wunnumin Lake Survivor’s Healing Gathering: A Part of the “Healing From Sexual Abuse – Addressing the Devastating Legacy of Ralph Rowe” Project
The 3-day community gathering will include an outline of the scope of what happened, an overview of the court processes to date and trial, and dialogue on what is needed for supports and healing for survivors, families and communities.  Healing will be a major topic. (Diocese of Algoma) 

Nlaka’pamux Healing & Healing Society—Lytton, B.C.
Connecting Families Gathering
The family Units Project ‘bringing families together’ gathering will focus on the family and in particular the youth.  This forum will enable the youth and the Elders to learn how to communicate effectively with each other, and help the youth and parents learn how to deal effectively with parenting issues. (Anglican Parishes of Central Interior)

Otisiabi Matriarchal Society—Garden River, Ont.
Otisiabi Matriarchal Society Project
The grant will assist the women of Missanabie Cree Nation to research and document the women’s traditional roles.  The project involves interviewing elders and documenting the findings.  The findings will be brought to the membership in the form of workshops at 2006 summer gathering.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Parish of West Kenogami—Geraldton, Ont.
Seeds of Healing
There are two main goals to this project. The first is to hold several small information sessions on the residential school agreement including: CEP, Truth & Reconciliation Process, Commemoration.  This is to ensure that aboriginal congregation members know what to expect once the implementation process begins. The second is to begin a dialogue on cultural and traditional beliefs and practices of this area.  This dialogue will include Aboriginal spirituality as a way of understanding the past and thus regaining pride and identity.  (Diocese of Moosonee) 

St. Paul Treatment Centre—Cardston, AB 
Second Annual Sobriety Campout 2006 Project
This 4-day sobriety campout is a healing and celebration gathering – celebrating sobriety. The campout provides a place where a parent could assume a positive role model, affecting a positive influence throughout the area. Many of the activities offered during the campout are culturally based; such as, traditional teachings, ceremonies, drumming, singing, workshops, etc.  Approximately 350 people came together to celebrate living a healthy lifestyle at the first annual sobriety campout in 2005 hosted by T’suu Tina Spirit Healing Lodge. (Diocese of Calgary) 

Secwepemc Cultural Education Society—Kamloops, B.C.
Healing a Nation – The Secwepemc Story Project
Secwepemc Cultural Education Society will host a one-day gathering in each of the four communities: Kamloops Indian Band, Sask.eetchestn Indian Band, Chase and Northern Alkali Lake.  The speakers will be from the Anglican Church, community leaders, elders, young adults and youth.  The events will allow all parties to tell their story in addition to stating what is necessary to heal the wounds left by the residential school experience. (Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)

Spirit of the People—Toronto, Ont.
Surviving Residential Schools, Offenders, Ex-offenders & Their Descendants
To conduct outreach into the Aboriginal community to encourage Residential Schools Survivors, offenders, ex-offenders and their Descendants to begin the process of healing.  To provide information about the specific programs offered through Spirit of the People and other community organizations, which might assist them in their journey. (Diocese of Toronto)

Squamish Nation EducationSquamish, B.C.
National Addictions Awareness Week Pow-wow Project
National Addictions Awareness Week is a time to celebrate the joy of an addictions free lifestyle. Many communities across Canada take part by organizing a community activity or activities; such as, pow wows, community feast or honour outstanding community members, etc.  This grant enables one community with food costs and travel for the guest drummers.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

University of Regina, Senior Education Centre—Regina, Sask.
Grandmothers Caring for Grandchildren Support Network Project
This grant will assist the Senior Education Centre to meet the needs of the grandmothers who are now caring for grandchildren, many of whom have parents who suffer from addictions or other problems.  One of the needs identified is to develop a monthly support group meetings for grandmothers – grandmothers caring for grandchildren.  Many of the children’s parents suffer from addictions or other problems.  The meetings will allow the grandmothers to share their experiences and learn about community programs and services. (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)

Vancouver Native Health Society—Vancouver, B.C.      
Aboriginal Health and Safety Project for Women in the Sex Trade Project
The focus of this project is to engage Aboriginal women who work in the survival sex trade in culturally specific activities, to build self-esteem, as well as provide healing and skill building opportunities.  The structure of this project is to have two groups of six women each over the course of the year. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Wasauksing First Nation—Parry Sound, Ont.
Sacred Pathways Project
The project is to enable a small number of former residential school students to attend the 2006 All Potawatomi Gathering in Dowagiac, Michigan.  The gathering provides an opportunity for Potawatomi people to come together and share stories, traditions, socialize and connect family members. The Potawatomi people originally come from the Great Lakes region, though many were relocated to Kansas and Oklahoma during the Indian Removals. (Diocese of Algoma)

West Moberly First Nation/Northeast Aboriginal Business Centre—St. John, B.C.
Walk In Balance Two
The project is to hold a 3-day conference designed to promote and support the development of healthy and self-sufficient First Nation communities by encouraging the integration of aboriginal culture and contemporary approaches to wellness and community development.   The gathering will focus on healthy foods and healthy life style choices, traditional methods of healing, etc.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

William Winter School of MinistryKingfisher, Ont.
Diploma in Indigenous Anglican Theology Project
The grant will allow training in ‘Christian marriage and Introductory Skills in Family and Marriage Counseling’ for both clergy and lay persons from a number of First Nations communities in northwestern Ontario, specifically in the Diocese of Keewatin.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Windigo First Nation Council—Sioux Lookout, Ont.
Healing Gathering
This project focus is to continue with the healing process by hosting a gathering of Residential School Survivors and their families.   The project will offer services of prayer and pastoral counseling to help those in isolation and despair, and those that angry at the churches and government.  Survivors will be encouraged to come forward with their stories and experiences. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Women of the Dawn Counselling Centre Inc.—Regina, Sask.
Braided Brother’s and Sister’s Healing Initiative
This is a12-week counseling, life skills training and personal support program for both men and women provided by the staff of Women of the Dawn Counselling Centre. This organization provides counselling, advocacy, support, guidance, information, mediation, crisis intervention and referral services for Aboriginal peoples in urban communities; Treatment; Violence; Women (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)