Aboriginal Front Door Society, Vancouver, BC
Coming Together Healing Circles & Life Skills
The project will provide healing circles and life skills programs for men, women and youth. The circles will address the inter-generational impact, socio-economic factors of addiction and health & safety of Aboriginal people living in the downtown eastside.  The main focus of the life skills program is homelessness.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

Anicinabe Mikana, Temiscaming, PQ
Our Personal Creation of Our Own Identity
To provide an opportunity for participants to learn and reclaim their heritage through traditional knowledge based on dance regalia and various dances.  The participants will learn that each piece of regalia signifies something unique that tells a story about the dancer. In the process of making the regalia each participant will learn about their cultural identity. (Diocese of Algoma)

Anishinaabekwe of the North Shore, Garden River, ON
Creating Anishinaabe Networks for Teaching
This 2-day event will bring together Native Language Teachers who are teaching at elementary, secondary and postsecondary school levels and within community-based language programs.  Many of the native language teachers whose first language was a native language are near retirement age.  The up and coming native language teachers are second language speakers. The gathering will bring these two groups together to develop resource materials, teaching techniques and student assessment models. (Diocese of Algoma)

Blue Sky Community Healing Centre, Thunder Bay, ON

Oshki Izshichikewin – A New Way
The project aims to create and implement an experiential learning program that focuses on empowering individuals to make a difference in their own lives.   Activities will include traditional teachings, ceremonies, community field trips, life skills, crafts, arts, physical exercises and classroom learning.  (Diocese of Algoma)

British Columbia Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, Victoria, BC

Healing Hearts:  From Homelessness to Helpfulness
This project will provide traditional healing tools to help the most vulnerable aboriginal homeless and IV users.  The traditional healing tools will help them heal from violence on the streets, from a friend’s suicide or from a loved ones’ overdose. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Association, Vancouver, BC
Circle of Healing: Cultural Recovery and Resiliency in the Downtown
The grant will enable the centre to continue its cultural programming and leadership development for Aboriginal women who are survivors of the residential schools and for those who suffer from the intergenerational impact. The project will provide traditional healing activities and workshops. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Eagles Nest Youth Ranch Inc., Prince Albert, SK
Cultural and Healing Family Camps
This project is intended to bring together youth and families in an environment that will assist them in building the family as a unit. Elders will assist the families to re-identify with their culture and will lead healing circles for the families. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Gabzendung Group Neeseh (Ever Present Group Two), Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Gabzendung Group-Ever Present-The Healing Conditions
To hold a series of gatherings for the survivors of the Shingwauk Residential School. The gatherings will include workshops on family violence, roots of lateral violence, history of the residential school system and its on-going impact. It will also include traditional teachings and managing stress.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government, New Aiyansh, BC

Healing the Effects of Inter-Generational Trauma of the Nisga’a Nation’s Residential School Survivors
To hold four one-day workshops on the history of the residential schools and its impact on the individuals, families and communities.  The workshops will be led by facilitators from the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Hamilton-Wentworth Chapter of Native Women Inc., Hamilton, ON
Rebuilding Lives Through Cultural Empowerment
The project will provide a full range of activities and services in the context of restoring health and cultural identity for the participants. The program will include healing circles, traditional teachings, ceremonies, one-on-one counselling, family counselling and workshops.  (Diocese of Niagara)

Healthy Aboriginal Network, Courtenay, BC

Teaching Lost Innocence: Reaching Youth through Art and Story
The project involves working with an advisory group composed of Elders, survivors, educators and youth to develop a teacher’s guide to accompany the Lost Innocence comic book produced by the Healthy Aboriginal Network.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Henvey Inlet First Nation, Henvey Inlet, ON
To Begin Healing from the Trauma & Intergenerational Impact of the Residential
School with Teachings of the Medicine Wheel & the Spiritual connection with Elders and Holistic Healing with Medicines

The aim of the project is to develop and hold a series of spiritual healing circles, ceremonies and cultural workshops for community members.  The activities will include: regalia making, drum making and sweet grass basket making.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Indigenous Council, Victoria, BC
Alert Bay Cross Cultural Campand
The camp will bring together youth from the ‘Namgis First Nation and non-Aboriginal youth from various parishes in Victoria and the surrounding area.  Christ Church in Alert Bay has an existing relationship with the ‘Namgis people, and its members will be present to provide support throughout the project. The ‘Namgis First Nation members will lead story telling, sharing of cultural practices and traditions. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh, Kingfisher, ON
First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother-Tongue Translators’ Workshop
The grant will enable 5 Oji-Cree scripture translators to attend the First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother -Tongue Translators’ Workshop in April 2015 in Kitchener, ON. (Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh)

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Inuvik, NT
Project Jewel
The project will provide on-the-land healing camps, wellness workshops on cultural identity, family relationships, the impact of the residential schools system, addiction, coping skills and sharing circles to assist in healing.  The program will be developed to meet the needs of the  participants in the area of counselling, education and career planning, parental training and on-going support. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Kinosao Sipi Minisowin Agency, Norway House, MB
Kinosao Sipi 7-Day Healing Camp
The grant will enable 10 community members to participate in a 7-day wilderness healing program.  This is the final step for those who have been on their healing journey but continue to relapse because of unresolved issues of abandonment, neglect, sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental abuse, grief, shame and all of these negative issues.  (Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh)

Kwadacha Education Society, Fort Ware, BC
Kwadacha Language and Culture Camp 2014
This project consists of a two-week summer language and culture camp that is intended to support and promote a reconnection with the Tsek’ene language, traditional activities, family values, and spirituality.  The project will bring together Elders, youth and community members out on the land where participants will be given hands-on opportunities to rediscover the richness of the culture and language.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Metlakatla Band, Prince Rupert, BC

Metlakatla Ts’msyeen Elders/Parents Language Initiative
The project will create a community language and culture program.  Language classes will be offered twice a week for 24 weeks.  The program will include learning about traditional Ts’msyen territories, family crests and public speaking in the Ts’msyen Language language. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Mi Lelum S’ulxwen Society (Elders Court), Duncan, BC

To Build & To Heal: A Project to Support the Development of Aboriginal Justice in the Cowichan Valley
The primary aim of the project is to provide training and support for the development of the Elders Court.  The mission of the Elders Court is to facilitate and incorporate the First Nations cultural values and the wisdom of the Elders into the provincial justice system.  This project was funded under a one-time Special Projects.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Mistatim Medicine Horse Society, Midland, ON

Medicine Horse Youth Culture Camp
The project will bring together 45 to 50 youth between the ages of 10-18 for a 5-week summer cultural camp.  The program includes equine assisted learning, cultural activities, nature walks, teaching circles, healing circles and leadership development.   (Diocese of Toronto)

Nanoose First Nation, Lantzville, BC

Language Preservation and Enhancement for Nanoose First Nation
The project will offer language training and convert the existing Hul’quminum language dictionary into a DVD.  Language training will be offered to Elders and young adults using the Total Physical Response method and they will in turn lead TPR language training to members of the community.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Naskapi Development Corporation, Kawawawachikamach, PQ
First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Summit
To attend a series of planning meetings with the purpose of establishing the necessary resources to provide translations of the Bible into First Nations languages.  (Diocese of Quebec)

Naskapi Development Corporation, Kawawawachikamach, PQ

First Nations Scripture Translation Capacity-Building Mother-Tongue Translators’ Workshop
The project will enable 5 volunteer translators to attend Mother Tongue Translation Training in Kitchener.  The Mother Tongue Translation provides on-going training for fluent speakers of the Naskapi language in translation principles and provides the tools necessary to do quality translation. (Diocese of Quebec)

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Aboriginal Youth Camp
To continue providing summer camp for Aboriginal children and youth residing in the City of Toronto and the surrounding area.  The focus of the summer camps is on traditional teachings, healthy life styles, healthy family relationships, ceremonies and healing. (Diocese of Toronto)

Native Men’s Residence, Toronto, ON
Ngim Kowa Njichaag (Reclaiming My Spirit)
To support aboriginal men to reclaim their cultural identity through a range of cultural and traditional activities and workshops. (Diocese of Toronto)

Ooknakane Friendship Centre, Penticton, BC
Urban Connection
To connect urban youth with Elders for a summer of cultural learning and cultural activities.  The activities will include: talking circles, local medicine picking, sweat lodge ceremonies, drum making, drumming, cooking and a 3-day camping trip. (Diocese of Kootenay)

Prince Albert Grand Council

Edu Therapy Healing the Heart Facilitator Training and Updates
The project is to host a 4-day Edu-Therapy Certification Training for 30 participants who will then facilitate workshops in each of the PAGC communities.  The Edu-Therapy teaches healthy grieving and is one of the more effective processes used to resolve pain caused by losses of any kind. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Restoring the Circle, Owen Sound, ON
Honouring Our Children
The aim of the project is to bring aboriginal and non-aboriginal children/youth together to promote knowledge and respect towards the concept of multiculturalism and diversity, and to help them to see their own value and functionality to the family and community. The one day program will include: making medicine bags, painting, learning the seven grandfather teachings and teachings of the sacred fire.   (Diocese of Huron)

Ross River Dena Council, Ross River, YT
Regaining ourselves
The project will provide an opportunity for youth, parents and elders to come together and rebuild  relationships. The elders will share traditional knowledge and lead in traditional storytelling.  The participants will have an opportunity to learn the traditional practice of sewing traditional garments.  (Diocese of Yukon)

(The) Scope at Ryerson, Toronto, ON
Resonating Reconciliation Launch and Oral History Documentary Project
The project is to create a two-part documentary on the legacy of the residential schools.  Part one unpacks the experiences of children of survivors, and part two looks at the history of aboriginal leaders who lived at the time when residential schools were established.  The documentary will also include the history of Egerton Ryerson as an early advocate of the residential school system. This project was funded under a one-time Special Projects.   (Diocese of Toronto)

Selkirk First Nation, Pelly Crossing, YT
National TRC Event in Edmonton, AB
To enable 8 residential school survivors and their families to attend the Alberta National Truth and Reconciliation Commission Event in Edmonton. (Diocese of Yukon)

Siksika Health Services, Siksika, AB
Siksika Former IRS Students
The grant will enable a number of residential school survivors and their families to attend the Alberta National Truth and Reconciliation Commission Event in Edmonton.  (Diocese of Calgary)

Six Nations Anglican Parish (SNAP), Ohsweken, ON
Brightening the Spirits/Breaking the Silence
This project is a collaborative effort between community partners and SNAP aimed to reduce the number of suicides in the Six Nations community and to explore life-promotion strategies. (Diocese of Huron)

Spune’luxutz S’ulhween of Penelakut Tribe, Chemainus, BC

A Spiritual Journey: Awakening the Memories about Our Land
The project is to record traditional knowledge in the context of Aboriginal people’s relationship to the land. Traditional knowledge about the land has always been in the form of stories, place names, spiritual beliefs of the people and ecological knowledge gained through careful observation over extended time periods.  All of the stories will be recorded. (Diocese of British Columbia)

St. Alban’s Cathedral, Prince Albert, SK

Cree Language & Family Ministry: Community Outreach
To continue hosting and encouraging local Indigenous parents/guardians and their children to gather with Elders and interested members of the Prince Albert Community to learn Woodland Cree in the context of a weekly meal and a family friendly evening in a Christian Community. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Surrounded by Cedar Child & Family Services, Victoria, BC

XE’XU T’ULUTS’THUT (Sacred Circle) Creating Health through Engagement In the Arts to Reclaim our Traditions (H.E.A.R.T)
The aim of this project is to help young people explore their history as aboriginal people through the arts, expression and dialogue. The project will involve aboriginal youth, aboriginal artists and Elders as teachers and supporters.  Workshop topics will include: racism, peacemaking, traditional conflict-resolution, history of aboriginal peoples, reconciliation and addiction. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Touchwood Agency Tribal Council Punnichy, SK

Community Based Language Program
To initiate a 15-week community Cree language pilot project.  The language program will be offered two evenings a week and facilitated by Elders.  This project is held in partnership with the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College. (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)

Urban Native Homes Incorporated, Hamilton, ON

Odro he>k ta> Awakening Indigenous Knowledge
To bring in Elders and aboriginal crafts people to share their knowledge on traditional teachings and cultural practices.  The activities will include:  birch bark canoe building, designing murals and carving story pools. Through traditional teachings and hands-on activities, the participants will find solace and healing. (Diocese of Niagara)

Valley First Nations Senior Group Society, Peachland, BC
From Elder to Youth and Youth to Elder
To bring Elders together and to help them understand the value of their traditional knowledge and cultural skills. The Elders will be shown how they can share their knowledge with the youth and the community.  The activities will culminate with a mini powwow where the participants will showcase what they have learned and created. (Diocese of Kootenay)

Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre Society, Vancouver, BC
Walking Together – Aboriginal Youth & Elders Voices Project
Nine youth will attend a 14-day cultural healing camp and a Community Potlatch to be held in Haida Gwaii, BC.  The program will include cultural and nature immersion, Elder teachings, learning about themselves and participating in a large community cultural healing ceremony.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Society, Vancouver, BC

Walking Together – Aboriginal Youth & Elders Voices Project: Phase II
The grant will enable the youth to go on a 5-day cultural trip to Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem located in Agassiz, BC.  The program will include: workshops, cultural activities and events, healing ceremonies and Elder mentorship.  Youth will be required to document the events so that they can share their experiences and learnings with their families and communities. (Diocese of New Westminster)

West Region Child and Family Services Inc., Erickson, MB
Reclaiming our Voices 16th Annual Women’s Gathering
The Annual Women’s Gathering provides an opportunity for women to take part in variety of workshops and activities.  The workshops include: traditional medicine teachings, grandmother moon teachings, healing through art, understanding trauma, drum songs and life skills. Throughout the gathering, the healing and treatment team and the prayer team will provide counseling and one-on-one support for the women. (Diocese of Brandon)

Whitefish River First Nation Health Centre, Birch Island, ON

Taking Care of Your fire – Youth Program
The youth and Elders will focus on learning traditional teachings, cultural practices, ceremonies, regalia making, drum making and singing and dancing.  The program will also include: sharing and healing circles.  The group will meet on a monthly basis.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle, Whitehorse, YT
Finding our Faces and History through Photographs
To research, collect and document stories and to create a photographic history of the students who attended the Whitehorse Indian Baptist Mission School from1947 to 1962.  A series of gatherings will be held to provide the participants with an opportunity to share their stories and to identify students in the photographs.  The process will help the former students to reclaim their history.  (Diocese of Yukon)

WISH Drop-In Centre Society, Vancouver, BC
Aboriginal Health & Safety Project
The project will provide a hands-on series of workshops and activities for Aboriginal women working as sex workers to survive.  The program will provide an opportunity for the women to engage in cultural arts activities; such as, cedar bark weaving, beadwork and storytelling. It will also provide traditional teachings, sharing circles, life skills and health and wellness training from an Aboriginal perspective.   This project was funded under a one-time Special Projects.    (Diocese of New Westminster)