NOTE: Due to the pandemic, Anglican churches were closed, and services were held online via Zoom; and government issued health measures were enforced. Safety became a priority for all projects, therefore the number of participants in the projects was limited. Consequently, projects became Land Based Healing Camps, and it took the projects longer time to finish their activities.

The purpose of the Healing Fund is to help facilitate the healing of former residential school students, their families, and communities. The goals of the Healing Fund are to regain and enhance one’s traditional knowledge, engage in the healing processes, and advance capacity skills development. Many projects focus on traditional knowledge, natural worlds, cultural arts, outdoor activities, and healing circles.

Project: Blackfoot Children Ceremony and Healing
Fort Macleod, Alberta
Amount: $15,000
The ceremonial gatherings were held for special needs children and orphans from two First Nations and surrounding communities. Many families participated.

Project: High Bush Healing Camp
Brocket, Alberta
Amount: $15,000

Project: Wheelz for Healing (disable relatives) became Kiskatsin Wellness Project
Cardston, Alberta
Amount: $15,000
The project was initially designed for disabled relatives, however because of medical needs of the primary individual, the project shifted to another person to carry it out as Kishatsin Wellness Project. The memorial walk for the unmark graves of children on residential school caught the attention of many members of the surrounding communities of southern Alberta and the First Nations, thus many people participated in the walk.

Project: Mnidoo Mnsing Buffalo Sundance
Wikwemikong, Ontario
Amount: $15,000
The ceremonial gatherings were well attended by many people of all age ranges from various communities of North America.