Total $400,400—32 Projects

Aboriginal Kateri Service—Geraldton, Ont.
Strengthening Our Spirits
The project is designed to promote healing and wellness for the survivors of residential schools and their families.  It will provide on going healing support and guidance through traditional teachings, healing circles, workshops on healthy living, and ceremonies. (Diocese of Moosonee)

Anglican Wapastanik Survivors—Churchill, Man.
The project will focus on developing community-healing initiatives.  The program is designed to address healing from the legacy of residential schools by offering a variety of informational workshops to the community.   The workshops will include: history of the residential school system, impacts awareness workshops, community leadership training, etc.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

CHI RHO Christian Ministries—Thunder Bay, Ont.
Healing & Teaching Ministries to Indigenous People
CHI RHO Christian Ministries group was invited to Webequie First Nation community to begin a faith based healing and teaching ministry in 2006.  This project seeks to continue that healing initiative that includes training of leadership and children’s programming.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Deanery of The Pas, Diocese of Brandon
Deanery Elder
The Elder will provide support for clergy and lay-leadership in their demanding by providing counsel and advice as they seek to deal with the numerous issues facing their communities.  Many of these issues are part of the legacy of Residential Schools. The Elder will provide support by being a healing presence, providing traditional knowledge and facilitating workshops and healing circles. (Diocese of Brandon)

Iskut First Nation—Iskut, B.C.
Building Strength from the Past: Learning from our Elders
This project will focus on connecting Iskut Nation Elders with the youth and young adults. The Elders will actively participate in cultural and educational activities and programs currently being delivered in the community.  The Elders will receive skill development and training in communications and group facilitation. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Kakinow Ntomakanik—Winnipeg, Man.
Kakinow Ntomakanik
To provide support, pastoral care and a resource for families and individuals receiving services from the West Broadway Community Ministry, the Agape Table and all Saints Anglican Church.
Many of the people in this area are survivors or direct descendants of residential schools former students. (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Kanien’kehá:ka Aotióhkwa Tehatiwennaténie’s Kahiatonhseratokénhti

The Mohawk Bible Translation Project
The project will enable 5 volunteer translators to attend ‘Mother Tongue Translation Training.  The Mohawk Bible Translation provides on-going training for fluent speakers of the Mohawk language in translation principles, provides tools necessary to do quality translation and orthography and grammar. (Diocese of Montreal)

Kinosao Sipi Minisowin Agency—Norway House, Man.
Caregivers in Motion
The program will involve an intake of ten Caregivers in a 32-week program within the year. This program will offer teachings on parenting, homemaking, housekeeping, and personal development skills. Caregivers can utilize all these teachings in their homes that will help them create a safe, loving home for their children. The agency will engage local community members on an honorarium basis to teach basic skills that are required to be a homemaker and housekeeper. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Kwadacha Nation—Fort Ware, B.C.
Kwadacha Nation Culture and Healing Camp
The culture and healing camp will provide healing opportunities for those impacted by residential schools, and will help the community rebuild connections that have been lost.  The healing camp will involve elders, community leaders, families, youth and participate in on-the-land program learning activities, as well as, other community activities. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre—Sioux Lookout, B.C.
Northern Nishnawbe Education Centre
Summer Solstice Pe-Anihshininiimok Celebration” (Come speak in your language) Language and Culture Celebration.  The project is to host a two-day language and culture celebration on National Aboriginal Day. The main focus of the project is to promote and honor First Nation languages and cultures in this area.  All the activities throughout the event will be conducted in any one of the following: Oji –Cree, Ojibway and/or Cree. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Moricetown Health Centre—Moricetown, B.C.
Honzu Wah Ghen Nay Jeet Dilh: Back to the Good Life
To hold a cultural awareness week that will showcase Wet’suwet’en’s history, language, culture, traditions, food preparation, music, arts and traditional healing practices.   This event will provide an opportunity for the community members to express themselves in a healthy manner, and take pride in what their culture has to offer.  The youth will learn stories from IRS survivors, develop a series of skits based on the stories, and perform these skits during the cultural awareness week. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
Restoring our First Nation Heritage through our Spiritual Elders teachings
The purpose of this project is to restore, strengthen, and protect Aboriginal traditional teachings, beliefs and practices.  The centre will provide 3-hour workshops on traditional teachings twice every weekend for a period of 8 months.  Teaching Elders and spiritual Elders will be asked to provide the teachings. (Diocese of Toronto)

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto
Aboriginal Youth Camp
To provide eight 5-day camp sessions for Aboriginal children and youth who come from low-income families.  Many of the participants have been affected by the residential school system due to the mere fact that their family and extended families attended the residential schools.  The summer camp offers a positive environment for teaching culture and traditions and history.  The camp environment creates an ideal learning environment for the children and youth to learn their identity and practicing of skills learnt. (Diocese of Toronto)

Neegoni Wabun Gi Gay Win Lodge, Cutler, Ont. 
Mino Bimaadzawin
This is a four-day gathering that focuses on improving the self-esteem of Aboriginal women.  The project will offer a variety of healing and wellness strategies to the participants, and they will participate in a variety of traditional healing activities. This will give participants the tools to help in their effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. (Diocese of Algoma)

Nehiyawe Pastoral Counselling Inc.—Punnichy, Sask.      

Touchwood Healing Centre
The project will provide pastoral counselling to survivors of residential schools and their descendants in three First Nation communities. The project will work closely with Elders, local agencies and other faith groups to provide faith-based counselling to all who request services. The project will provide education and awareness on the impacts of colonialism and residential school system on individuals and communities.  (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)

Nishnawbe Aski Nation—Thunder Bay, Ont.
Remembering, Healing & Reconciliation
The purpose of the project is to host a 5-day residential school gathering for members of the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation. The gathering will provide the survivors with tools that will help in their healing journey, listen to others’ experiences, and to provide a forum where the survivors and the church leaders can communicate. (Diocese of Algoma)

Nlaka’pamux Health and Healing Society—Lytton, B.C.
Survivors Healing Reunion: Celebrating Our Strengths and Dreams
The reunion will bring together survivors of St. George’s Residential School, both from the Nlaka’pamux Nation and from other Nations across British Columbia.  The reunion of residential school survivors will create a sacred space where the survivors and their families can experience healthy, fun connection to help them embrace new ways of moving forward. (APCI)

Opaskwayak Cree Nation RSS Healing Committee—Opaskwayak, Man.
Revelation Workshop and Gospel Jamboree
The project is to host the 4th community-healing gathering. The residential school survivors committee had planned to hold 4 community-healing gatherings in four years.  The event will consist of a keynote speaker, sharing circles, healing services and gospel singing.  The gospel singing will be broadcasted on NCI radio to allow other communities to participate. (Diocese of Brandon)

Opaskwayak Cree Nation RSS
Revelation Workshop and Gospel Jamboree
To hold a healing gathering based on the ‘Book of Revelation’ which has proven to be a great success in the past few years.  The event will consist of workshops, healing circles, keynote speaker, healing services and gospel jamboree in the evenings. (Diocese of Brandon)

Sapotaweyak Education Authority—Pelican Rapids, Man.
The NDKMS Cultural & Healing Week
The project will provide traditional healing teachings and activities for the whole community, with a special interest for the children and youth who have been affected by the intergenerational impact of the residential schools.  (Diocese of Brandon)

Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig—Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Anishenabe Immersion: Train the Trainer
This project will undertake the task of training fluent speakers of Anishinaabemowin using the Natural Approach to Second Language Acquisition. As the Anishnaabe language in the area of Sault Ste. Marie is in a critical state of extinction, it is imperative to train fluent speakers who will in turn deliver training. The training will compose of workshops over a three-week period which will include: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition, Theory and Practice, Immersion Education, Native Language Revitalization and Immersion Instruction Practicum. (Diocese of Algoma)

Siksika Health Services—Siksika, Alta.
Sobriety Camp-Out 2009
The four-day campout will consist of information sessions, Elders’ storytelling, traditional ceremonies, traditional teachings, drumming, singing, recreation, AA meetings and social time for all the participants.   This is a healing gathering and a gathering of celebration for sobriety.
(Diocese of Calgary)

St. John the Baptist Anglican Church—Split Lake, Man.
Cross Cultural Canoe Trip
The Tataskweyak Cree Nation in Split Lake will host­ the annual summer canoe trip. 60 young people from various communities in northern Manitoba will embark on a 5-day 100 km cross-cultural canoe trip. On this canoe quest, the youth will follow the route of the early traders and visit historical sites along the way.  The youth will learn traditional practices, traditional teachings and hear experiences and stories from survivors of residential schools.  The trip will end with gospel jamboree.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Stolo Nation Society, Social Development Dept.—Chilliwack, B.C.
Four Directions of Healing Gathering
The purpose of this project is to host a four-day gathering on the former Coqualeetza residential school grounds.  The gathering will enable residential school survivors, their families and others who are impacted by the legacy of the residential school system the opportunity to begin or continue their healing journey.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

Taking Back Our Culture Association—Port Alberni, B.C.
Family Language Workshops
The aim of the project is to make language learning fun for all families and family members who wish to participate.  The participants will come together on a weekly basis with Elders to learn a phrase for 40 weeks. It is expected the participants will learn 40 phrases in 40 weeks.   The language workshops will be video recorded and made into DVDs. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Takla Lake First Nation—Prince George, B.C.

Starting at the Roots: Connecting Our Elders and Our Youth
The project will connect Elders and elementary school children with each other.  The Elders will share their knowledge on a variety of traditional teachings and practices, such as, hunting practices, plants identification, crafts, storytelling.  The Elders will participate in in-school activities for 3 hours each week for 40 weeks. This project will also enable the Elders to re-establish their traditional roles in the community.  There are 26 children attending the elementary school and 10 Elders in the community.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Vancouver Native Health Society—Vancouver, B.C.
Health through Culture & Creativity for Aboriginal Women Working in the Sex Trade
The focus of this project is to engage Aboriginal women in culturally specific activities focusing on building self-esteem, and providing a cultural connection to improve cultural identity.  The project also includes: skill-building workshops, community safety for the women, and one-on-one support. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Vancouver Venture for Diversity Society—Vancouver, B.C.
Healing Generations
The project will involve connecting Aboriginal children and youth in foster care with Elders.  The Elders will provide cultural and traditional teachings to all the children and youth involved in this project.  The project will also host community gatherings and encourage networking.
(Diocese of New Westminster)

Waabi-ma’iingan (Grey Wolf) Traditional Teaching Lodge—Thunder Bay, Ont.
Voices from the Past, for Tomorrow”
To host an Elders and youth gathering and invite Elders, both Aboriginal and Metis from Nishnawbe-Aski Nation, Grand Council Treaty #3 area, and Anishinabek Nation.   The gathering will include both high school and elementary students.  The main goal of this event is to share the stories with the youth and to promote cultural understanding through storytelling. (Diocese of Algoma)

Walpole Island Residential School Survivor’s Group—Wallaceburg, Ont.
Gaagnig Pane Chiyaayong, Forever, We Will Remain—Phase III
To host a 3-day community gathering for the survivors of residential schools.  The gathering will
continue to create awareness about impacts of residential schools, educate neighbouring communities who visit the island to view historical monuments, and continue the on-going healing processes for all the community members. (Diocese of Huron)

Wasauksing First Nation—Parry Sound, Ont.
Who We Are
The grant will allow a number of Elders—survivors of residential schools – to attend the 2009 Gathering of the Potawatomi Nations in Mayetta, Kansas.   The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation will host the gathering.  The Potawatomi are Algonquian-speaking people (Ojibwa, Odawa, and Potawatomi) who occupied the Great Lakes region from prehistoric times through the early 1800’s.  This large group was once a single tribe but later split at Georgian Bay, Ont.tario, and went their separate ways.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Winnipeg Inner City Missions, The Presbyterian Church
Medicine Eagle Camp Healing Project
To provide members of the Keeseekoowenin First Nation, and members of the local churches with an opportunity to gather together.  The focus of the gathering will be to better understand the intergenerational effects of the residential school system, to learn from the Elders and embark on a healing journey.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)