2010 Projects
Total $383,52632 Projects 
Total amounts includes 6 Special Projects totalling $68,750.

Aboriginal Front Door Society—Vancouver, B.C.

Honourable Warriors Circle and Open Healing Circles for Residential School Survivors.
The project will provide daytime healing circle for Residential School survivors, weekly healing circles for men to complement the healing circle already in place, and evening open healing circle. Project will continue for one year. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Aboriginal Neighbours—Victoria, B.C.
Truth and Reconciliation Community Event
To hold a community gathering where residential school survivors will have an opportunity to share their experiences and receive acknowledgement from those in attendance; and enable the listeners to hear the experiences first hand.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Archdiocese of Keewatin—The Pas, Man.
Healing Soul Pain and Returning to Spirit
To enable survivors and/or family members to attend Returning to Spirit and Healing Soul Pain Training Workshops. (Diocese of Brandon)

Bishop’s Gospel Choir of British Columbia—Victoria (SP)
Bishop’s Gospel Choir of British Columbia’s First Nations Computer Technology Fund.
The project will award laptop computers and printers to First Nations students who are registered in a post secondary institution, vocational institute or other continuing education program; and who in financial need.  The student must reside within the Diocese of British Columbia.   (Diocese of British Columbia)

Cando Community School—Cando, Sask.
Reclaiming First Nations Tribal Identity: Managing the Holistic Health of Residential School Survivors and their Families. To support the development of an Elders Advisory Council/Project Team who will guide the development of this community healing and capacity building project. (Diocese of Saskatoon)

Cando Community School—Cando, Sask.
Reclaiming First Nations Tribal Identity: Managing the Holistic
The project will provide the following: cultural support services for community members with a focus on identifying residential schools survivors and their families, a reclaiming tribal identity program that will include; capacity building and training for Front-line Workers, a development of an awareness tool kit and a cultural resource directory. (Diocese of Saskatoon)

Canim Lake Indian Band—100 Mile House, B.C.
12-week Empowerment Program and Healing Retreat
This project will provide a 12-week support program for women along with a 3-day retreat.  The 12-week support program will offer a series of workshops on storytelling, parenting skills, life skills, cultural teachings, traditional medicines, self-care practices, additions, grief and loss, etc.  The 3-day retreat will be an opportunity for the women to learn various ways of healing. (Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)

Children of Shingwauk Alumni—Sault St. Marie, Ont.
Truth Seeking Survivor’s Project
The aim of the proposal is to enable a few residential schools survivors to attend the first Truth and Reconciliation Canada national event in Winnipeg.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Churches’ Council on Theological Education in Canada  (SP)
An Ecumenical Foundation
Doing Theology in a Fair Country
To provide travel funds for Aboriginal resource people and participants attending the conference.
(Diocese of Toronto)

Coldwater Prayer Group—Merritt, B.C.
Coldwater’s Rose Prince Pilgrimage
The project will provide 30 community members the opportunity to a prayer gathering and pilgrimage to the site of former Lejac Residential School in Lejac, B.C..  (Anglican Parishes of Central Interior)

Diocese of Keewatin: Northern Manitoba Region (SP)
The northern Manitoba region of the Diocese of Keewatin will host a gathering of spiritual leadership that will include clergy, lay readers, elders and other community leaders. The representatives gathered will address intergenerational impacts of the residential school system, and policy of assimilation which was imposed by the government of Canada on individuals and communities. (Diocese of Keewatin)

Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association—Midland, Ont.
Revisiting the Old Ways—The Healing Project
This project will provide a full range of activities and services in the context of restoring health, cultural identity and pride. The program will include traditional teachings, ceremonies, Ont.e-on-one counselling, family counselling, healing circles and workshops.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Gwich’in Tribal Council—Inuvik, N.W.T.
Intergenerational Survivors Workshop
The project will host a 5-day workshop for residential schools intergenerational survivors, survivors and families.  The workshop will explore the processes of creating possibilities for individuals and groups to intentionally create a future based on letting-go, and moving forward with new outlook on life. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Kermode Friendship Society—
Terrace, B.C.
The Strength We Find Working Together
The overall purpose of the project is to facilitate and strengthen the Parent and Teen Suicide Support group.  The project activities will offer workshops on: grief, anger and crisis management, addiction, communication skills, problem solving skills, traditional teachings and practices and language. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Laxgalts’ap Village Government—Greenville, B.C. (SP)
Mapping and Charting a Traditional Healing Journey
This unique project will research and document Nisga’s traditional history, its historical relationship with the missionaries, Canadian government representatives, and residential school system for the purpose of healing and reconciliation.  The support was made possible under one-time Special Funds Project. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Manitobans for Healing and Reconciliation—Winnipeg, Man.
It starts with me … along with you
To host a National Day of Healing Reconciliation on May 26, 2010 in Winnipeg at the Forks.
(Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Nakazdli Elders Society—Fort St. James, B.C.
The Healing Circle
The project will offer community workshops and healing circles for community members impacted by the legacy of the residential schools.  It will provide an opportunity for survivors and their families to heal by learning and using traditional healing approaches.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto
Aboriginal Youth Camp
The project will enable youth residing in the city of Toronto to attend a summer cultural camp. The camp setting offers an ideal opportunity for youth to learn their culture, history and identity from Elders.  Majority of these youth are the off-spring of the survivors of residential schools.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Native Men’s Residence—Toronto, Ont.
Ngim Kowa Njichaag (Reclaiming My Spirit) Program
The project will offer a variety of traditional and cultural programming for the residence of the centre. The program will include: teachings of the sweat lodge and fasting ceremonies, healing circles and other workshops.  The centre provides services for homeless Aboriginal men and youth seeking help to break free of the cycle of homelessness and poverty. (Diocese of Toronto)

Nebenaigoching Heritage Inc.—Batchawana Bay, Ont.
Reconciling with the Grass Roots: Workshop Series on Truth and Healing
To host a series of community cultural and healing workshops that promote understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.  The workshops will include the impacts of the residential school system on individuals and communities.   (Diocese of Algoma)

Nehiyawe Pastoral Counselling Inc.—Punnichy, Sask.
Gordon Wellness Centre
The goal of the project is to maintain community education program on wellness. This includes working with local partners to provide and promote wellness within the community of Gordon’s First Nation and surrounding area; and to maintain support program/services for survivors and their families.  These services include: men and women’s alternatives to violence program, therapy and psychology services, and support services for the intergenerational impacts, etc. (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)

Northern Ontario Region (Diocese of Keewatin)—Kingsfisher Lake, Ont.
Community Counselling Services
This project will enable a pastoral care counselor to provide community support, Ont.e-on-one (faith-based) counseling, pastoral care, grief and loss care and support, etc.  This healing ministry is provided to residential schools survivors, intergenerational impacted, victims of Ralph Rowe, bereaved families due to suicide. (Northern Ontario Area Mission)

Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association—Truro, N.S.   (SP)
Mi”Kmaq Residential School Survivors—Our Stories
To produce a book that will capture the Shubenacadie Residential School Survivors school experiences.  The book will focus on the key aspects of resilience that allowed the women to continue with their lives and families after surviving traumatic experience at a young age.  The support was made possible under one-time Special Funds Project.  (Diocese of NS & PEI)

Preparing for the Futures Group—Metlakatla, B.C.
Metlakatla’s 146 Birthday
There are two components to this project. The first is a community celebration celebrating its achievements, and the second component is to host a language emersion camp.  This community has come along way towards its healing. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Squamish Nation Education Dept.—
Squamish, B.C.
Traditional & Cultural Learning Camps
The project aims to bring Elders and Youth together in a camp setting where Elders will share traditional teachings and practices, language, special ceremonies. The program will include talking and sharing circles for all to participate.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

Sto:lo Nation Health Services—Chilliwack, B.C.
Journey of Heroes Indian Residential Schools Conference
To host and facilitate Journey of Heroes Indian Residential Schools conference. the conference will offer workshops, presentations, discussions and statement taking. A safe environment will be provided for all parties to speak openly and honestly about truth, apologies, forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. (Diocese of New Westminster)

Sunset Women’s Aboriginal Circle—Sioux Lookout, Ont.
TII-PATCHIIMO- Tell Your Story
The project will provide cultural and traditional teachings for women and their families.  Besides holding a learning retreat session, there will be weekly gatherings to hold drumming and singing sessions, craft making, story telling and sharing circles.  (Diocese of Keewatin)

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation—Tofino, B.C.
Returning to Spirit
The grant will enable the community to hold a 5-day Part III of the Return to Spirit Program in the community.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Toronto Council Fire—Toronto, Ont.
Moccasin Trail Personal Wellness
This project delivers sharing circles, family sessions, awareness sessions on the direct and inter-generational impacts of residential schools, training and support programs for survivors so they can develop the skills required to live healthy life styles, Ont.e-on-one work with survivors to identify individual healing strategies including communication skills, family genealogy, traditions and cultural values, etc. (Diocese of Toronto)

Toronto Urban Native Ministry
Continuing Our Walk—Truth & Reconciliation
There are two components to this project.  The first is to enable a number of elderly survivors to attend the TRC event in Winnipeg; and the second is to enable families to attend a cultural camp for a week.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Tsawout First Nation Social Develoment Department—Saanicton, B.C.  (SP)
Copper Island Community Healing Program
The project will allow 60 children and youth to attend a 5-day Christian based First Nation and culture camp.  The camp offers a series of workshops and activities that support the healing and development for the participants.  This project is part of an ongoing community healing initiative.  The support was made possible under one-time Special Funds Project (Diocese of British Columbia)

Wapski Mahikan Society (Alexander First Nation)—Morinville, Alta.
Putting the Pieces Together Again
The project is to host a 3-day intergenerational family and community gathering. The focus of this gathering is on traditional model of healing and healthy living both as an individual and as family.  The goal is to bring about positive change and to reconstruct family and community by reconnecting family. (Diocese of Edmonton)

Right Relation Special Project Fund is separate from the Anglican Healing Fund.
Projects supported by the Right Relation Fund usually do not qualify for Healing Fund support.