Details: 31 projects funded—total amount $359,483
This total figure includes 4 Special Projects totaling at $58,840.

Bakeumgyala Language Group—Campbell River, B.C.

Yalaqathlayu—Something to be proud of….
The grant will enable the group to continue making available language and culture programs for Kwakwa’kwakw peoples. The participants will meet two hours twice a week for a period of 6 months to learn Likwala language.  The fluent Likwala language speakers will teach the language through a variety of activities, so that the participants learn the language while participating in activities. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle—Barrie, Ont.
Medicine Horse Youth Culture Camp
To hold a summer cultural camp for children and youth ages 10–17. The program includes a weekend orientation camp, followed by a week long summer camp, and a weekend closing/celebration camp.  There will be four groups of 12 at each in-take.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Cree Nation Treatment Haven—Canwood, Sask.
Indian Residential School Healing Project
The project will provide four forums in each of the following communities; Ahtahkakoop First Nation, Big River First Nation, Pelican Lake First Nation and Witchekan Lake First Nation. The purpose of the forums is to identify irs impacts and determine the specific healing needs for each community.  The project will also provide a forum for all Elders and former irs students at the National Cree Gathering.  This project will increase the four communities’ capacity to provide the path that will lead to healing. (Diocese of Saskatchewan)

Diocese of British Columbia—Aboriginal Neighbours
This project will enable 20 people to attend the 5-day Returning to Spirit training session.
The training program has been designed specific to residential school issues and for anyone who wants to move beyond existing limits and constraints. It explores the process of creating possibilities for individuals and groups to consciously create a future based on letting-go, empowerment, trust, collaboration and moving forward.  (Diocese of British Columbia)

Eskasoni Elder Society—Eskasoni, N.S.
Kisiku’k aq Nutqo’ltijik Apaja’tu’tij L’nuey
The aim of this project is to link Elders, children and youth through a variety of activities for the purpose of preserving the history, culture and language of the Mi’Kmag people.  The project will offer the children and youth a wide variety of learning activities in the classrooms, culture centre and on field trips. The Elders will conduct classroom presentations on Mi’Kmaq history, culture and language from K to 12. Workshops will be offered at the culture centre, and field trips to culturally significant locations around Eskasoni and Cape Breton.  (Diocese of NS & PEI)

Garden River First Nation Youth Theatre
Garden River Youth Theatre Residential School Project
The youth theatre group will research, create and perform an original production based on the legacy of the Shingwauk Residential School, and run a series of workshops for Garden River First Nation community, and other surrounding communities.  This project will engage youth in learning about the legacy of IRS as many youth know very little of the history and its impacts.
(Diocese of Algoma)

Gwich’in Tribal Council
Residential School Survivors Travel Assistance
The aim of this project is to provide assistance for 3 or 4 survivors to Inuvik to attend the Truth and Reconciliation Commission national event; and provide them with the opportunity to tell their story about their Residential School experiences and the impact the legacy has had on their lives. (Diocese of the Arctic)

Indian Residential School Survivors Society
Healing & Truth in Learning—The Legacy of Indian Residential Schools
The project will hold educational, healing, and archiving gatherings. The events will focus on educating First Nations youth & intergenerational survivors about the history of the residential schools and explores ways to help them to deal with the unique healing challenges they face.

Kakinow Ntomakanik
To provide pastoral care, counselling and support for Aboriginal families and individuals receiving services from the West Broadway Community Ministry, the Agape Table and all Saints Anglican Church. This project was made possible through Special Project categories.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Kelmuc Circle Friendship Society
Past Practices NO LONGER and Building Healthier Futures
The group will develop of a 52-week residential school community support group, offer  a series of workshops on personal growth and work towards a journey of right relationships with non-Aboriginal peoples in the local community. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Kermode Friendship Society—Terrace, B.C.
Our North West Passage Rites & Recognition for Youth & their Families
This project will offer a 19-week cultural and life skills programming for youth at risk. The program will include history of the residential school system and its impacts on families and communities.  The cultural teaching portion of the project will include: history of regalia, rites of passage, food gathering and preparation, and cedar bark weaving. (Diocese of Caledonia)

Kwadacha Education Society—Fort Ware, B.C.
Summer Cultural & Science Youth Camp
The summer camp focuses on connecting children and youth to land and culture.  The camp will teach children and youth respect for themselves, others, the land and the environment they live in.  They will participate in a variety of outdoor traditional activities from picking medicines, preserving medicines, hunting, cooking over an open campfire. Along with the tradition knowledge, the participants will learn the sciences around each activity.  (Diocese of Caledonia)

Lisims Nass Valley Police-Based Victim Services—New Aiyansh, B.C.
Working with Male Survivors: Strategies and Interventions
The project will provide a four-day training session for community frontline workers, counselors, and clergy from the Nass Valley communities along with other communities in the area. The project will enhance the frontline workers’ skills levels to better meet the needs of male survivors of sexual abuse.  (Diocese of the Caledonia)

Maadookii Seniors Group and Centre
Noodjmowag (Healing) Project
The project will honour and affirm the survivors of the residential schools; and establish and promote reconciliation and relationship building between First Nations and non-Aboriginal peoples, organizations, and churches in the local area. This will be accomplished by providing education on the history of the residential schools, traditions and cultures of the Aboriginal peoples in this area. (Diocese of Huron)

Manitobans for Healing and Reconciliation
Ka Ki Kanichihk Inc.—Moving Forward Together
MBHR will host a gathering where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people will participate in sharing, listening, healing and reconciliation activities. This year MBHR is honouring youth who are inter-generationally affected by colonization and the impacts of the Indian Residential School system.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Naskapi Development Corporation
The Naskapi Bible Translation Project
The grant will enable the Naskapi Bible translators to attend spring 2011 training with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International.  This will allow the Naskapi People to complete the translation of the Bible into the Naskapi language.  The weeklong training will take place in Cape Breton, N.S.. (Diocese of Quebec)

Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselling Association of Nova Scotia
Empowering Aboriginal Families
This 3-day conference will provide education on the impacts of residential school legacy, colonization and other government policies.  It will also focus on exploring family strengths, enhancing coping skills and provide culturally relevant activities that nurture family relationships. (Diocese of NS & PEI)

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto
Aboriginal Youth Camp
To provide summer camp for children and youth residing in the city of Toronto and area.  The summer camp offers an ideal opportunity and setting for youth to learn about their culture, history and identity from Elders.  The youth spend one week at Camp Grundy where an Elder is available 24/7.  Majority of these children and youth are the off-spring of the survivors of residential schools.  While a number of the youth are under care in foster homes others live at home but all are under care by the Native Child and Family Services. (Diocese of Toronto)

Neil Dennis Kematch Memorial School/Sapotaweyak Education Authority
NDKMS Healing; Back to the Roots
The project will provide training for local people who are interested in leading traditional ceremonies and in teachings of these ceremonies. The project will also provide teachings of the ceremonies to community members, and enable the members to participate in the ceremonies.
(Diocese of Brandon)

Nisga’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society, Vancouver, B.C.
Journey Home Documentary
This project is a healing and reconciliation initiative undertaken by the Nisga’a community to enable Nisga’a living in the Metro Vancouver area and Vancouver Island to reconnect with their traditional territories and culture.  The various ‘Journey Home’ events have been happening for the past 3 years.  Each event has been recorded on film and the post-production phase is ready to begin.  This grant supports the post production of the documentary.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council
Nlaka’pamux Healing Journey
This pilot project will offer five workshops plus a 3-day cultural awareness workshop for the residential school survivors and others. (Anglican Parish of the Central Interior)

Peel Aboriginal Network—Brampton, Ont.
Residential School Healing & Workshops Series
To facilitate a series of 12 informational and healing workshops to be held over a period of one year.   The workshops will offer IRS history, impacts on survivors, impacts on the generations that follow, government and church apologies, rekindling of cultural traditions and identity, and truth and reconciliation.  There will be a day-long workshop on a monthly basis with a healing circle to follow after each session.  (Diocese of Toronto)

Restoring the Circle
O’Zogooshagah: a Ray of Hope
To host the third 2-day conference on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools, and to continue providing information on the history of residential schools and its impacts. The wider community will learn the on-going effects of the residential school system to the Aboriginal community… and explore ways the community can work together to bring about a healthier relationship. (Diocese of Huron)

Returning to Spirit Program Workshop—Cranbrook, B.C.
Returning to Spirit Program Workshop
The project will enable the members of Ktunaxa First Nation to attend the Returning to Spirit training program.   Returning to Spirit training program is designed specifically to address residential school issues and is open to anyone who wants to move beyond existing limits and constraints.  (Diocese of Kootenay)

Rupert’s Land Aboriginal Circle
Homecoming—A Sacred Circle
To host the 6th Diocesan Sacred Circle gathering at Wilderness Edge Retreat in Pinawa, Manitoba.  This gathering will further the work of healing and reconciliation among the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the diocese.  (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Snuneymuxw First Nation—Nanaimo, B.C.
Tiwi’ulh (to pray)
The project is to create a prayer book in the Hulquminim language.  The activities will include: host a 5-day workshop on language, conduct research on prayers used by the people in the past, compile prayers, write prayers, select and translate prayers.  The aim of the project is to reconnect the people to their cultural traditions and practices through language and rekindling of spirituality.  Funded under Special Projects. (Diocese of British Columbia)

Vancouver Venture for Diversity Society
Our Elders Speak Wisdom
The project will provide cultural and traditional recovery programming for Aboriginal foster children and youth in the greater Vancouver area.  Elders will be recruited to provide the teachings.  (Diocese of New Westminster)

Waabi-ma’iingan (Grey Wolf) Traditional Teaching Lodge
Bridging the Gap with Kindness
The project is to host a 3-day youth and Elders gathering. Elders from surrounding nations will be invited, along with youth from local elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools.  Invitations will include local organization that support the activities of youth.  (Diocese of Algoma)

Walpole Island First Nation Social Services—Wallaceburg, Ont.
Reconnecting Generations
To organize and host two sets of two-day community workshops aimed at bringing together families and members of the second generation who have been impacted by the residential schools legacy.  The project will also create a community support group for the descendents. Diocese of Huron)

West Region Child and Family Services Inc.
Reclaiming our Voices #13 Annual Women’s Gathering
This project is an annual gathering of Aboriginal women who have been affected by alcohol and drugs, and who are working to heal themselves to prevent further harm to their children, and to help their families stay together.  This grant was made possible by the Special Projects one time grant. Funded under Special Projects. (Diocese of Brandon)

Xaad Kihlgaa HI Suu.u (Everybody Speak Haida)—Masset, B.C.
Aaad Kil Gwaaygangee (Haida Language Family)
The purpose of the project is to motivate and empower the Haida community to be part of Haida language revitalization efforts. The project will develop language learning resources for the community’s use.  The themes of the learning resources will follow the Haida calendar. Funded Under Special Projects. (Diocese of Caledonia)