The General Synod Archives also collects the records created by organizations affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada which are of historical significance to the national Church.  These include missionary societies, religious communities, church societies and councils, diocesan and provincial synods.


  • Accra Diocesan Association fonds
  • Alert Bay, BC. St. Michael’s Indian Residential School
  • Anglican Church Bible and Prayer Book Society fonds
  • Anglican Church of Canada. Insignia collection
  • Anglican Church of Canada. Orders of Service collection
  • Anglican Study Group in Church Unity fonds
  • Anglican Women’s Training College (AWTC) fonds
  • Archdeacon’s Association fonds


  • Biographical scrapbook collection
  • Bishop’s Messengers of St. Faith’s fonds
  • British Columbia and Yukon Church Aid Society fonds
  • Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen fonds


  • Canadian Church Missionary Society fonds
  • Canadian Church Union fonds
  • Canadian Malvern Conference fonds
  • Canadian Mothers’ Union fonds
  • Canadian School of Missions fonds
  • Canterbury Club fonds
  • Church Army in Canada fonds
  • Church of England in Canada. – Certificates collection
  • Clergy Reserves fonds
  • Colonial and Continental Church Society fonds
  • Columbia Coast Mission fonds
  • Committee on Chaplain Services in the Forces fonds
  • Community of the Sisters of the Church fonds
  • Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas (CAROA) collection
  • Conference of Bishops fonds
  • Conference on Canadian Missionaries & East Asia fonds
  • Council for the Faith fonds
  • Cumberland-Devon Mission fonds


  • Diocese of Algoma, Series 501
  • Diocese of Brandon, Series 504
  • Diocese of Cariboo, Series 508
  • Diocese of Honan fonds
  • Diocese of Huron, Series 511
  • Diocese of Moosonee collection
  • Diocese of Quebec – Quebec cemeteries collection.
  • Diocese of Saskatchewan fonds
  • Diocese of Saskatchewan, Series 528
  • Diocese of the Arctic Fonds
  • Diocese of Toronto, Series 530
  • Diocese of Yukon, Series 531
  • Doctrine and Worship fonds


  • Episcopal collection
  • Evangelical Churchman Publishing Company fonds


  • Federal War Service Commission of the Churches in Canada fonds
  • Fellowship of Deaconesses fonds
  • Fellowship of the Maple Leaf fonds
  • Fellowship of the West fonds
  • Fort Dunvegan fonds
  • French language translations collection


  • Great Britain. Colonial Department fonds


  • House of Bishops of the Church of England in Canada.


  • International Anglican Litugical Consultation fonds


  • Koinonia Youth Fellowship fonds


  • Missions to Seamen fonds
  • Missions to the Jews collection


  • Nathanael Institute fonds
  • National World Program
  • Nippon Sei Ko Kai fonds


  • Pan-Anglican Congress fonds
  • Portraits collection
  • Provincial and Diocesan Synods of the Anglican Church of Canada collection


  • Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine fonds
  • Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts fonds
  • Society of Catholic Commonwealth fonds
  • Society of St. John the Evangelist fonds
  • Society of St. Margaret fonds
  • Sorrento Centre fonds
  • Spadina-Bloor-Bathurst Interchurch Council fonds
  • St. Augustine Foundation fonds


  • Upper Canada Clergy Society fonds


  • World Council of Churches fonds